Walls + Forms Introduces Versaflex(TM) Modular Frame System Catalog

Coppell, TX - January 31, 2011 - Walls + Forms, Inc. just unveiled a new color catalog on its Versaflex(TM) modular frame system. Versaflex features high quality low profile aluminum extrusions with hidden connectors. A design profile has both front and side panel applications, unique to the display industry, which allows for construction of an array of products. A unique extrusion enables the creation of virtually any design. A patented profile facilitates the creation of three-dimensional design for any situation.

Walls + Forms can design lightweight aluminum construction Versaflex product displays that meet one's needs. The catalog shows how it can be sized to specifications, which can include illuminated side panels with vertical or horizontal module formats. Their connecting allows for use as corner units.

The catalog showcases Versaflex ease of use and flexibility. It is pictured in display applications including an angled profile for increased customer visibility with a menu light box, a custom fixture and company logo area for brand recognition in a ceiling mounted Light Thief, a double-sided light box sized to specifications, and an exquisite backlit floor stand display used by a banking institution. It is so versatile it is shown sized to specifications with illuminated side panels for a salon display, as a wireless retailer display, as a power tools display, with illuminated logos promoting a movie at a theater chain, and in floor stand applications (two, three, and four sided formats available), for a major global electronics company.

The literature explains Versaflex is easy to install. Top or side loading, you can switch out in seconds and can assemble in a few seconds with no power tools needed. Pictured is a Walls + Forms lightbox retail application with a stunning visual effect. It was built using 3 panel modules that connect together. You can have one large image, or any look you want. Front loading images are easy to change out and it is also available in freestanding double-sided format.

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