Walco Materials Group Now Offers Innovative Chem-Trend Thermoplastics Premier Mold Release Agents, Cleaners, and Lubricants in the USA

Customers in the USA can now benefit from innovative Chem-Trend Thermoplastics and Rotational Molding product range offered by Walco Materials Group. Walco is among the few authorized distributors of Chem-Trend Thermoplastics and currently the only authorized distributor for Rotational Mold Release.

San Diego, CA -- Walco Materials Group, a leading supplier of materials for Electronic, Mold Making, Rapid Prototyping, Medical, Industrial and Automotive Manufacturing, is now offering the Chem-Trend Thermoplastics and Rotational Mold Release product range. Walco now becomes one of the very few authorized distributors of Chem-Trend Thermoplastics and is currently the only authorized distributor for Rotational Mold Release.

Walco has been offering a competitive line of Rotational Molding products and has served 7,626 customers in different industries across the USA since 1993. This new offering of Chem-Trend Thermoplastics marks an entry into the innovative thermoplastics product range.

Chem-Trend is a global manufacturer of process chemical specialties for the thermoplastic and other manufacturing industries, and is the largest mold release company in the world.

Using a purging compound improves efficiency and reduces start-up scrap for thermoplastics molding operations. Chem-Trend Thermoplastics purging compounds ensure a clean system that is free of carbon residue and ready to run new color. Because these purging compounds do not contain any abrasive materials, they are well suited for machines with hot runner systems. Chem-Trend offers an effective purging compound product for virtually any injection, blow-molding or extrusion application, while handling operating temperatures to over 400C/800F degrees. The purging compounds also include a range of NSF-approved products for the food industry.

Chem-Trend's Thermoplastics purging technology is innovative because it can remove contamination from metal at the molecular level. Therefore, this technology is superior to other purging products in the market today, and has rapidly become the largest selling product line in Europe.

Chem-Trend Thermoplastics and Rotational Mold Release are now available in the USA through Walco Materials Group.

Chem-Trend Thermoplastics product range consists of Purging Compounds, Maintenance Products, Release Agents, which are highly recommended for the following thermoplastic processes: Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion (Film), Extrusion (Sheet, Profile, Pipe, Wire & Cable), and Compounding.

To request free samples of the newly arrived Chem-Trend Thermoplastics and Rotational Mold Release product range, and for more information, please visit our website:

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Walco is a leader in the materials industry since the 1960s, and brings you the finest material manufacturers from across the world to address every possible material requirement in Electronic, Mold Making and Industrial Manufacturing. Walco offers a wide range of products including: Silicones, Epoxies, Urethanes, Adhesives, Mold Release, Conformal Coating, Lubricants, Tooling Board, Fluid Dispensing Systems, and Thermoplastic Purging Compounds and Mold Maintenance Products. For more information, please visit: www.walcomaterials.com

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