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Wacom Spotlights Electronic Handwritten Signature Pad Solutions at BAI Retail Delivery 2013

Advanced Pen Technology Speeds Transactions and Records Biometric Data to Help Prevent Fraud; On Display in Booth #2066

VANCOUVER, Wash. - As the world's leading manufacturer of signature capture solutions, Wacom® has increased operational efficiencies for banking and financial institutions across the globe. At BAI Retail Delivery 2013 in Denver, CO., Wacom will be showcasing their new STU-530 and STU-430 Signature Pads - two durable products that help banks reduce costs by providing a highly secure, paperless workflow. From November 5-7 visitors to Booth #2066 can also see how the pads prevent fraud with pressure-sensitive technology.

"Today, most financial forms can be signed electronically, which makes capturing handwritten electronic signatures an essential step for efficiency-minded organizations," said Michael Marcum, vice president of vertical market solutions for Wacom Americas. "Now, banks can remove the printing, scanning, storing, archiving and searching costs that come with paper documents without sacrificing security."

Paperless Productivity

Using a Wacom Signature Pad to authorize sensitive financial documents for new accounts and credit applications is the easiest way to remove inefficiencies.  A paperless workflow allows banks to eliminate costs and serve more customers. Incorporating handwritten electronic signatures provides a comfortable, natural experience that helps banks reduce transaction time. The Signature Pads can be easily integrated into any existing financial system. Once there, their durability ensures that they'll be available to capture the thousands of signatures financial institutions process daily, with no visible signs of wear.

Fraud Prevention

The DNA of a signature contains more information than the mark left behind. With Wacom's pressure-sensitive technology, banks can easily verify the forensic attributes that make a signature unique. From the length of time it takes to sign to nuanced manual expressions like pen strokes and angles, each bit of data is collected and stored for future analysis. Forgers may be able to fake the appearance of pen-and-ink signatures, but cannot duplicate the personal biometrics a Wacom pad records. If necessary, the legal authenticity of a signature can be verified with an extremely high degree of confidence at any time.

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About STU 430/530 Signature Pads

The STU-530 and STU-430 Signature Pads are optimized to support digital banking workflows that require a handwritten signature to authorize or complete a business process. Each product is extremely durable and comes with a hardened glass surface that stays highly resistant to scratches. These battery-free, cordless products ensure maximum life, promoting operational efficiencies and a reduction in paper costs for many years to come.

About Wacom

Founded in 1983, Wacom's vision to bring people and technology closer together through natural computer interface technologies has made it the world's leading manufacturer of interactive pen tablets and other digital input solutions. For vertical market applications such as electronic signature capture, medical recordkeeping and presentation, Wacom's intuitive input devices improve cost and workflow efficiencies while providing both businesses and their customers a natural and engaging experience.


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