VoxTone(TM) a Big Hit at CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment 2007

Introduction of the new caller ID/New ringtone style.

New York, NY October 30, 2007 - The new caller ID of the, future, "VoxTone(TM) ", was a big hit at last week's annual CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment conference held in San Francisco, California.

VoxTone(TM) is the first new ringtone service to use real live professional voiceover specialists to record any word or phrase that you want to say; creating a unique and personalized alert that won't sound like anything you've heard before. It's a true personalized ringtone which fully allows users to design the VoxTone with various pre-alert sounds to go with the voice, choice of voice accent and soon to be multiple languages & more.

CEO Nadeem Mughal explains to press during an interview from the CTIA floor, "The VoxTone(TM) phenomena has been introduced to the industry at this prestige CTIA wireless I.T. & Entertainment event. We are showcasing to the industry this new content that goes beyond mobile. VoxTone(TM) is not just a ringtone but rather further being haled as the new form of caller ID for cellphones. Aside from the telecom industry, we have expanded the VoxTone(TM) brand for users to assign VoxTone's to their PC or MAC sound events such as when logging on, or when your laptop battery is low & more. Imagine a real person, not a robot, or robotic sounding voice, but real professional voiceover staff speaking for you being kind of like your own secretary. Through the introduction of the VoxTone(TM) at CTIA , we have established many new strategic partnerships and potential leads to furthermore expand globally and even into major operator service plans. You will soon start to see the VoxTone(TM) offered within your service plan bundles. Instead of buying one or two from us directly via our direct to consumer portal at voxtoneonline.com or voxtoneonline.co.uk, you will have the option to buy a VoxTone(TM) plan to receive monthly free VoxTone s via your service provider."

Many asked, why is this being called a new form of caller ID? As Mr. Mughal explained, Users are using multiple VoxTone s as a new form of caller ID by assigning different VoxTones to different names + numbers in their contacts list via cellphone. So now, whatever contact name you would input via text normally, will now not just display when calling, but rather play a VoxTone(TM) designed for each contact name. Now when someone from your contacts calls you, a voiceover professional will verbally speak whatever you designed. To hear the VoxTone in action, check out a demo page with various VoxTones used in different case scenarios at voxtoneonline.co.uk/voxtonedemo.php.

For more info visit voxtoneonline.com or for UK Version visit voxtoneonline .co.uk

VoxTone(TM) Communications Inc. would like to offer journalists the opportunity to trial the service and design their own VoxTone(TM). To obtain your free trial, email press(at)voxtoneonline.com providing the following information:

1) Which publication/media outlet are you writing for?

2) Which email address would you like us to deliver your VoxTone(TM) to?

3) What phrase or sentence would you like to feature within your VoxTone(TM)?

Journalists can also access samples of The VoxTone(TM) in use at: voxtoneonline.co.uk/voxtonedemo.php

Press Contact:

Nadeem Mughal
Company Name: VoxTone Communications, Inc
Email: http://www.prweb.com/emailmember.php?prid=565476
Phone: 416-286-2138+205
Website: voxtoneonline.com

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