Vodafone Netherlands Deploys BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper for Enhanced Service Delivery Platform

Leading Dutch Mobile Operator Deploys BEA's Powerful Telecom Web Services and Service Access Gateway Solution to Help Increase Customer Satisfaction and Quality of Service

Core News Facts

1. Vodafone Netherlands has deployed BEA WebLogic® Network Gatekeeper as the foundation for high availability and service reliability of its service delivery platform (SDP).

2. Deployment by Vodafone Netherlands further validates the market-leading position of BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper as an industry-leading Service Access Gateway (SAG) solution for next-generation SDPs.

3. Powerful policy and traffic management capabilities of BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper is designed to enable network operators to increase cost and operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, subscriber retention and revenue opportunities.

CHICAGO, June 19 - BEA Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BEAS), a world leader in enterprise and communications infrastructure software, today announced that Vodafone Netherlands, a leading Dutch mobile operator, has deployed BEA WebLogic® Network Gatekeeper as the core foundation for high availability and service reliability of its service delivery platform (SDP). Deploying BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper at the heart of its SDP has enabled Vodafone Netherlands to improve customer satisfaction and has resulted in cost efficiencies.

Vodafone Netherlands leverages the powerful service level agreement (SLA)-based policy enforcement engine and traffic throttling capabilities of BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper to ensure the various services deployed and delivered through its SDP cannot adversely impact each other's service availability in the case of service errors or outages. In addition, Vodafone Netherlands uses BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper to provide a common interface between its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and its SDP, which allows the various IVR systems to leverage the centralized policy enforcement and traffic throttling mechanism within the SDP. This architecture allows Vodafone Netherlands to centrally administer policies for services both within and outside its SDP, resulting in cost and operational efficiencies, as well as higher quality of services.

Vodafone Netherlands, a part of the Vodafone Group, is the second largest mobile operator in the Netherlands, with more than 3.9 million subscribers. As a leading 3G operator, they were the first mobile operator in the Netherlands to launch a universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) network. Vodafone Netherlands is an existing BEA customer, having implemented its SDP on BEA WebLogic Server®, an industry-leading Java EE application server (http://www.bea.com/wls).

"Wireless end users are very sophisticated and selective in the quality, diversity and availability of services they demand," said Mike McHugh, vice president and general manager of BEA WebLogic Communications Platform, BEA Systems. "We are pleased that BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper has been deployed as a core element of Vodafone Netherlands' SDP. As such, BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper helps enable Vodafone Netherlands to enhance the quality of and control over their revenue-critical mobile services in order to help maximize subscriber retention and attract new subscribers."

BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper is the Telecom Web Services and policy enforcement component of the BEA WebLogic® Communications Platform family of communications infrastructure software products. It is a market-leading Service Access Gateway (SAG) solution in SDPs for telecom network operators and can be seamlessly integrated with fixed-line, mobile, IMS, cable or broadband networks. This powerful SAG solution is designed to help operators achieve cost and operational efficiencies and increase revenue opportunities by quickly enabling new, innovative, highly available and scalable services to be delivered leveraging the operator's existing network capabilities.

For more information about BEA in Telecommunications, please visit http://www.bea.com/telco.

About BEA WebLogic Communications Platform

BEA WebLogic Communications Platform is a family of communication infrastructure software products designed to enable telecom network operators and communication service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively create, deploy and manage converged IP-telecom services. The product family includes BEA WebLogic SIP Server; BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper and BroadWorks, BEA WebLogic Edition. For more information about the BEA WebLogic Communications Platform product family, please visit http://www.bea.com/wlcom.

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