Visit ZOD Automation at Booth 2848 ATX East NY, June 9-10 2015

ZOD Automation is a manufacturer of high end rotary converting equipment. We specialize in automating the various die cutting and assembly processes required for tight tolerance, complexly constructed end products.

ZOD Automation's servo driven, PLC controlled converting equipment offers manufacturing solutions for a broad range of complex products for the medical, personal care, electronics, industrial and consumer goods markets. The modular design, with our rail mounted unwind/rewinds, allow for optimal web paths and flexibility in process configuration. The servo drives for each spindle and die station allow for exact web tension and die registration control required for complex converting. Programmable, repeatable run parameters reduce set-up time and scrap, adding to the bottom line.

See a live demonstration at booth 2848, ATX East NY 2015.

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