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Worlds largest selection of Conveyor Guide Rails including Sanitary Guides made from solid plastics and plastic lengths with stainless steel cores.

Many of these profiles do not require bending machines for bending guide rails around corners due to their hand flexibility. Also many of these Guide Rail designs allow for easy cleaning since there are no crevices for bacteria buildup along their linear sections. Construction time and money is saved with the ease of installation. Eliminating maintenance hours allows for less downtime and greater production. Guide Rails are an integral component of many conveyors and packaging equipment. They are necessary in order to keep products on track, flowing quietly and efficiently from the point of manufacture to shipping.

Conveyor Guides are available for light, medium and heavy duty applications. POBCO stocks most sizes and affords quick deliveries on custom profiles.

POBCO PLASTICS leads in machining, extruding and molding Conveyor Components and Friction-Reducing Parts for Conveyors, Food Machinery, Packaging Equipment, Beverage Equipment, Agricultural Implements, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical Equipment, Recreation & Amusement Park Rides, Exercise Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Textile Machinery etc. POBCO PLASTICS has sold their products since 1929 to virtually every mechanical market application.

POBCO Standard & Custom products are made from Plastics (Bearing-Grade and Food-Grade), and Lube-Filled Wood.

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