Vision Research Announces Strategic Partnership with FlightScope®

FlightScope Taps Vision Research to Bring Slow-Motion Video Capture to its Award-Winning 3D Phased Array Tracking Radar System for Golf

WAYNE, N.J. – Vision Research, the leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems, has partnered with FlightScope®, manufacturer of the world's first 3D tracking radar for golf. This collaborative partnership will further revolutionize FlightScope's state-of-the-art monitors by integrating Vision Research Phantom® Miro® high-speed cameras to provide slow-motion video analysis of high-speed action.

"FlightScope has had tremendous success in the market and has been well received by professionals, instructors and amateurs alike," said Rick Robinson, Director of Marketing for Vision Research. "It's a valuable instructional tool that can accelerate training and give golfers a competitive edge. We're excited about the opportunity to partner with FlightScope and bring our industry-leading, high-speed imaging technologies to its award-winning golf training solution."

"Incorporating slow-motion video recording was a natural progression for FlightScope," said Henri Johnson, CEO and founder of FlightScope. "There are many solutions on the market when it comes to high-speed imaging; however, none matched the quality, performance and reputation of Vision Research. Beyond the technologies, there are many synergies that exist between both companies, and we're proud to have the opportunity to work with Vision Research on this project."

Providing the optimal feature set for the project, Vision Research's compact Phantom Miro digital high-speed camera offers critical specifications, such as high-definition resolution, short exposure for detailed images with no blur, and exceptional light sensitivity, as well as untethered operation thanks to its compatibility with widely available rechargeable batteries. In addition, the Miro's compact, lightweight and rugged design makes it the ideal choice to be integrated with the portable FlightScope system.

Once integrated, the Phantom Miro enhances the effectiveness of FlightScope as a training tool by providing users with detailed, high-definition slow-motion video of golf swings along with scientific analysis of the action. FlightScope and Vision Research also have engineered an advanced triggering and recording system so the Phantom Miro knows exactly when to record, and more importantly, where to automatically clip the footage so there is no searching for the precise moment to analyze. This dramatically improves workflow and maximizes the time spent between the instructor and student on the range.

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About Vision Research

Vision Research is a leading manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems that are indispensable across a wide variety of applications, including defense, automotive, engineering, science, medical research, industrial manufacturing, packaging, sports broadcast, TV production and digital cinematography.

The Wayne, N.J.-based company designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of digital high-speed cameras available today, all of which deliver unsurpassed light-sensitivity, image resolution, acquisition speed and image quality.

Over the course of its 60+ year history, Vision Research has earned numerous awards in recognition of its innovations in high-speed digital camera technology and sensor design, including a technical Emmy and an Academy Award®.

Vision Research digital high-speed cameras add a new dimension to the sense of sight, allowing the user to see details of an event when it's too fast to see, and too important not to™. For additional information regarding Vision Research, please visit

Vision Research is a business unit of the Materials Analysis Division of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.

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