Viscosity Control Systems Sensitivity Precisely Matches Application

A full line of viscosity control systems for fluids ranging from hypodermic needle coatings at ½ CPS (centipoise) to silicone caulk at 1 million CPS are available from Norcross Corp. of Newton, Massachusetts.

Norcross Viscosity Measurement and Control Instruments are sensitive enough to detect changes in the viscosity of water, based upon temperature, and are capable of improving the blending, mixing, and color quality of virtually any fluid. Providing the sensitivity necessary to precisely match a user's application, these viscosity control systems can be configured to control the viscosity of fluids ranging from only ½ CPS to over 1 million CPS.

Featuring a variety of in-line and in-tank sensor options, Norcross Viscosity Measurement and Control Instruments can detect the difference in the viscosity of boiling water (0.284 CPS) and ambient water (1.06 CPS). Systems can range from one station to up to 10 stations and all controllers offer manual or automatic control.

Norcross Viscosity Measurement and Control Instruments are priced from $4,995.00 up to $59,995.00, depending upon the number of stations required. Literature and price quotations are provided upon request.

For more information contact:

Norcross Corporation
James Dulong, Technical Sales
255 Newtonville Ave.
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 969-7020 FAX (617) 969-3260

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