Virtual Images Unlimited (VIU) Acquires Kodak Photographic Lenticular Technology & Equipment

Formerly Dynamic Images, VIU's new division will produce large format lenticular with Kodak's photographic process

REDLANDS, Calif., Aug, 22, 2007 -- Virtual Images Unlimited, a division of IGH Solutions from Minnesota, today announced that it has acquired the large format lenticular manufacturing assets of Dynamic Images.

The equipment purchased, which utilizes high-resolution photographic techniques to produce large-format lenticular in single-panel sizes up to 4 feet by 8 feet, was originally developed by Kodak. The technology produces incredible 3D and animated effects. The former Dynamic Images purchased the technology from Kodak in 2001.

The items purchased will allow VIU to continue selling movie standees, posters, and bus shelters into the entertainment industry and other key markets. VIU will locate the equipment at its parent company's facility in Minnesota, which is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and will oversee production and quality standards.

"This acquisition will further establish VIU as the industry leader of lenticular, providing brand marketers with high-quality products that resonate with consumers," Vice President of Sales Dave Corey commented. Corey continued by stating "lenticular has been proven to have five times the 'stopping power', and two times the 'staying power' of conventional advertising media."

For additional information, press kits, or samples of the photographic lenticular, contact Maile L. Kaulukukui.

About Virtual Images Unlimited

Virtual Images Unlimited, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is the leading provider of high-quality lenÃ,¬ticular and specialty printed products. VIU's focus is to provide a variety of superiorly-printed products through the use of high-resolution printing processes. Captivate your audience today!

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Virtual Images Unlimited
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