Vicor V·I Chip Components Reduce Energy Costs

Increase Efficiency and Power Density

Andover, MA, November 13, 2006...Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced the availability of a full family of V·I Chip(TM) components, enabling complete power systems using Factorized Power Architecture (FPA). FPA separates or 'factorizes' regulation and voltage transformation functions into flexible, high-performance building blocks. V·I Chip components are high-density (up to 1.2 kW/in3), high-efficiency (up to 97%), high-speed power conversion modules, and are all released for mass production.

The PRMTM (non-isolated regulator) and VTMTM (current multiplier) components deliver the most efficient 48 V direct-to-load power conversion system in mass production today. For low voltage/high current requirements (e.g. microprocessors), the VTM module enables 91 A/in2 point of load (POL) density. FPA allows the PRM module to be deployed remotely, providing greater design flexibility and a 95% reduction in distribution loss.

Stephen Oliver, Vice President of Marketing & Sales for the V·I Chip Division, says: "As energy prices increase, the electricity bill for a data center is now 50% of the annual operating cost-growing to more than the initial hardware investment-and it takes 2.6 W to drive 1 W of computing power in a typical system. A data center using an FPA solution could save 24 Euros or $30 per processor, per year in energy costs. At the same time, the power solution with VoI Chip modules is 45% smaller, enabling further increases in computing rack density."

Vicor's PRM and VTM modules cover a wide range of input and output voltages at power densities up to 1.2 kW/in3 or 100 A per module. FPA solutions are available to meet the advanced requirements of telecom/server (processor and memory power supply), test equipment, RF amplifiers, power supplies, and many other applications.

In traditional 48 V architectures, Vicor's intermediate bus converters, the BCMTM modules, offer four times more power density than any other converter. The 48 V BCM modules are available with output voltages of 1.5 Vout to 48 Vout and up to 300 W and are suitable for telecom/server, base stations, WiFi, data/voice, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and PoE (Power over Ethernet), as well as solid-state LED lighting, lasers, and broadcast equipment.

In addition, Vicor's high-voltage (350 - 380 Vin) BCM converters provide efficient high-voltage distribution and post-PFC high voltage DC-DC conversion to non-isolated POL converters in telecom and high-end server systems.

The VoI Chip family is in mass production now with immediate sample availability and four-week production leadtimes. A VoI Chip PRM + VTM chipset to convert from 48 V direct to 1 V, 100 A is available for $49 in OEM quantities. BCM converters are available from $32.50 each in OEM quantities.

For more information on the V·I Chip family and FPA, including data sheets, application notes, and customer evaluation boards, please visit . To order product or evaluation boards, please call Vicor Customer Service at 1-800-735-6200 in the U.S. and Canada only, or email .

Technical Contact:
Jeffrey Hord
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Editorial Contact:
Iris Kimber
Senior Strategic Marketing Manager

Vicor Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets modular power components and complete power systems used primarily by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the communications, data processing, industrial control, test equipment, medical, and defense electronics markets.

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