Versatile Skid Mounted Reactor Systems Custom-Built to Customer Requirements

Pope Scientific's Skid Mounted Reactor Systems can be custom-engineered for a range of specific applications, including pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, and food ingredient. The versatile skid-mounted design is compact and requires minimum hookups, for easy installation. And because each system is modular, it can also be cost-effectively scaled up from pilot plant to production if needs change.

Available in capacities from one to 500 gallons, the reactor system performs a multi-step synthesis of chemical product, including solid mixing, reaction, evaporation, filtration, and filtration storage. Each custom-built system is extremely flexible and robust, capable of handling multiple processes at the same time within a small footprint. The system is readily configurable to perform different reactions using other materials.

Each multistage processing reactor system is manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested to meet all application requirements. A typical system includes storage vessels, reactor, mixer, feed hopper, condenser, vacuum system, absorption column, filter assembly, and other components as required.

A sight glass allows easy viewing of the contents of each storage tank. Solids can be conveniently added through the vibrating feed hopper system, while multiple solvents are precisely metered using a spray ball.

A jacketed reactor enables low-pressure vacuum condensation.

Load cells accurately measure the amount of material added at any given time. This data can be captured and trended from a local or remote location using the self-contained control-panel. The system can be easily integrated with a company's existing software.

For each custom-built system, Pope's highly specialized engineers provide guidance throughout the entire project, including process development, engineering, installation, training, and technical support.

Applications assistance, feasibility testing, installation assistance, and custom toll processing services are available.

With nearly a half century of technical expertise in designing and manufacturing chemical processing equipment, Pope is internationally known for turning even the most challenging projects into real solutions.

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