Velcon Filters, Inc. Announces Patent for Contaminant Analyzer for Fuel

Colorado Springs, CO - April 24, 2009

Velcon Filters, Inc. today announces that US Patent # 7,518,719 has been awarded to Velcon for "Contaminant Analyzer for Fuel". This patent covers improvements to Velcon's commercially available VCA® (Velcon Contaminant Analyzer) unit. This patent, based on work by Greg Sprenger and Jed Stevens of Velcon, covers two enhancements to the original VCA® product: the operation of the analyzer only when fuel flow is present AND the use of an in-situ calibration device.

These two enhancements make the operation of the VCA® much more automatic, with minimal user support required. When the VCA® senses fuel flow, it self-activates and begins to monitor and report fuel cleanliness. Data is recorded and reported only during actual flow.

The in-situ calibration device provides calibration of the unit at scheduled intervals, and eliminates the need for removal of the device from the system for calibration. "These two features of the VCA® unit make this product more versatile and enhance its usefulness to end-users," says Dave Taylor, President of Velcon. "We are pleased to receive this patent which recognizes the refinement of a product that is already unique to the industry, in being able to simultaneously detect water and solids in the fuel stream."

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