Varian, Inc. Announces New Products from Varian Polymer Laboratories

CHICAGO, Feb. 26 // -- Polymer Laboratories Ltd., a part of Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) announced today six new products at PITTCON(R) 2007. Booth #4232

At PITTCON 2007, Varian, Inc. and Polymer Laboratories Ltd. highlight the following products:

o Cirrus(TM) GPC Software is an integrated, scaleable solution for
GPC/SEC (gel permeation chromatography/size exclusion chromatography)
for users of Galaxie(TM) Software. Cirrus GPC Software is specifically
designed for GPC/SEC and polymer characterization applications, and
integrates as a plug-in module for Varian's Galaxie Software. A wide
range of GPC Column Calibration and Calculation options are provided,
for the most accurate and reliable GPC.

o PL aquagel-OH 10 and PL aquagel-OH 20 5 micron columns are designed for
the analysis of low molecular weight aqueous polymers, oligomers and
other low molecular weight materials (exclusion limits of 20,000 g/mol
and 6,000 g/mol respectively). The PL aquagel-OH range of columns is
specifically designed for the analysis of water soluble polymers by
size exclusion chromatography (SEC). Based on a macroporous gel with a
highly hydrophilic surface, PL aquagel-OH materials combine high
performance with the pH stability and structural integrity of polymeric
column packings.

o High specification Varian Load & Lock(TM) columns packed with PLRP-S
media from Polymer Laboratories provide an applications solution for
prep/process chromatography of pharmaceutical compounds, peptides and
natural products. This hardware and media combination can be scaled
from 1 in. ID (2.5 cm) laboratory prep through to 24 in. ID (60 cm) ID
process scale with the same technologies. The chemically stable PLRP-S
media and unique fluid distribution plate in the Load & Lock column
hardware from Varian delivers exceptional separation efficiency, with
minimal band broadening and enhanced sample load capabilities. The
combination of Load & Lock and PLRP-S, with its range of pore sizes
optimized for maximum capacity for small molecules and biological
macromolecules, permits more sample to be purified per cycle.

o Varian Polymer Laboratories' new medium polarity gel permeation
chromatography/size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) column is
designed for use in polar solvents such as dimethyl formamide, dimethyl
sulfoxide and also solvent combinations such as tetrahydrofuran with
water. These eluents are useful in GPC/SEC when analyzing highly polar
materials which are difficult to analyze in traditional SEC solvents,
such as tetrahydrofuran. Examples of these materials include polar
resins, modified polysaccharides and similar complex polar polymers.
The new Polar(TM) column is capable of operation in a wide range of
solvents and solvent combinations, greatly enhancing the ability to
analyze polar polymers that aren't necessarily water soluble. In the
form of a 'mixed bed' column, this PL Polar column has a linear
calibration curve and wide operating range for maximum applicability.

o Two new Polystyrene GPC/SEC (gel permeation chromatography/size
exclusion chromatography) calibration kits are available as part of the
PL Polymer Standards product range for accurate, reliable GPC column
calibration. The S-L2-10 Calibration Kit is targeted to oligomeric and
low molecular weight samples < 4,500 Daltons. The EasiVial(TM) PS-M
Kit is designed for the analysis of resins and condensation polymers.
EasiVial pre-prepared kits contain mixtures of accurately pre-weighed
polymer standards that provide time savings in GPC column calibration.
All polymer calibrants from Varian Polymer Laboratories are
manufactured strictly in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 quality
system and are fully characterized.

o The VariPep(TM) Peptide Solution is designed for the cost-effective
synthesis, analysis and purification of synthetic peptides. It
comprises resins for synthesis, a single column answer for HPLC
analysis and purification, and an SPE-type media for the removal of ion
pairing agent residues during the peptide production process. This
portfolio of products enables the management of high volume peptide
production, from the microgram to gram scale. The VariPep Peptide
Solution for synthetic peptide production offers proven, reliable
technologies in a simplified format and requires no capital equipment.

Varian, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of scientific instruments and vacuum technologies for life science and industrial applications. The company provides complete solutions, including instruments, vacuum components, laboratory consumable supplies, software, training and support through its global distribution and support systems. Varian, Inc. employs approximately 3,700 people and operates manufacturing facilities in 13 locations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Varian, Inc. had fiscal year 2006 sales of $835 million, and its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol, "VARI". Further information is available on the company's Web site:

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