Vapor Score Calcium Chloride Test Kits

The Calcium Chloride Test Method ASTM F 1869-11, Standard Test Method for Measuring Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) of Concrete Subfloor using Anhydrous Calcium Chloride has been and is the industry standard since the early 1950's.

Calcium Chloride Test allows you to achieve a quantitative figure which will coincide with floor manufacturer requirements.

Many adhesives used for installation of floor coverings are now more water sensitive than in the past, due to restrictions on the use of volatile organic compound (VOCs).

Concrete slab moisture can cause problems with adhesion of floor covering material.

Problems associated with moisture are blistering, discoloration, salt (alkali) deposits at tile joints, warped wood.

Moisture could cause an inadequate bond, bleeding of adhesive through the joints of tile, growth in tile resulting in peaked joints or curled tile and moisture prevents or retards setting of water-based adhesives.

Benefits of Vapor Score Calcium Chloride Test

•       Great build quality

•       Conforms with the latest ASTM (ASTM 1869-11)

•       Online calculator makes for easy and instant results (no mailings required)

•       (Moisture Calculator App available on Google Play Store)

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