Vanguard Products Recognized for Silicone Tubing Supply to Critical Covid-19 Ventilators

Vanguard Products Corporation, 87 Newtown Road, Danbury, CT,, is honored to be recognized by General Motors/Ventec Life Systems, for our performance in supplying critically needed silicone tubing (( in their urgent production response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ( and

The accomplishments of GM and Ventec Life during this pandemic period have been nothing short of amazing. In March, both GM and Ventec began partnering and working to develop a plan to increase production throughput by over tenfold in a matter of days. In response, Vanguard put aggressive production plans in place to address their urgent needs without negatively affecting our other production schedules for other customers. By the time the US government invoked the Defense Production Act in early April for ventilator related production, Vanguard had already moved forward with producing and shipping the urgently needed silicone tubing.

Vanguard’s silicone tubing ( has long been recognized as the premier silicone tubing choice for non-invasive medical applications in nebulizers, CPAP, and ventilators. Its combination of long-term mechanical performance properties, cleanliness, and cost efficiency are ideal for these types of applications.

Ventec has recognized these advantages and incorporated Vanguard’s silicone tubing into their full line of innovative ventilator products. The Ventec products are uniquely positioned to adapt to the changes in clinical treatment protocols presented by the novel COVID-19 virus. As doctors and researchers are learning more day by day about effective treatment protocols, the adaptability of Ventec ventilators, which are the first and only multifunction ventilators that can provide varying levels and methods of respiratory assistance, are key to effective treatment. They reduce or eliminate the setbacks that can occur with traditional aggressive intubation ventilation methods. More information on this product is available at

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with GM and Ventec in the months and years to come and are ready to respond to the same type of challenges from our other customers to help combat the COVID-19 crisis with our high-quality silicone tubing.

About Vanguard:

Vanguard Products Corporation is a full-service manufacturing and engineering company providing industry with the highest precision elastomeric fabricated goods available since 1966. Our products are manufactured in the USA in our ISO9001:2015 factory. We offer a full spectrum of extruded and molded gaskets, seals, and tubing, both standard and customized. Additionally, we continue to provide responsive specialty, custom rubber product design, development and manufacturing services.

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