UV Process Supply Releases 'Maintaining UV Curing Equipment' Manual

CHICAGO, September 19, 2005 - UV curing can be a challenging, complicated endeavor-especially when things aren't going as planned. The answer to "why isn't this working?" can be an overwhelming one when ongoing preventative maintenance hasn't been a priority. The most effective way to solve many UV curing dilemmas is by avoiding them in the first place. To help users figure out what they need to do to get their UV curing process working again as well as ways to avoid these issues in the first place, UV Process Supply (Chicago, IL) has developed the "Maintaining UV Curing Equipment" manual.

This helpful manual clearly explains how the various components in UV curing can cause complications and what can be done to avert these common pitfalls. Topics covered in the manual include:

o UV lamp maintenance

o UV lamp measurement

o Proper Reflector/UV lamp cleaning

o Replacement part inventory

o System component cleaning

o Proper record keeping
o And more...

The "Maintaining UV Curing Equipment" manual is available free of charge through UV Process' website at www.uvprocess.com/manuals.

Since 1979, UV Process Supply has provided goods and services for the UV curing market. These products reinforce UV Process Supply's position as the complete source for all your UV curing needs. For more information, contact UV Process Supply at their toll-free number 800-621-1296 or 773-248-0099. UV Process Supply is also accessible via fax at 800-99FAXUV or 773-880-6647, via email at info@uvps.com, or via their website at www.uvprocess.com

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