Updated 'Product Guide' Profiles Fasteners And Installation Equipment

A newly updated 12-page "Product Guide and Index to Bulletins" serves as a quick and easy reference source for fastener products and installation equipment available from PennEngineering.

The dual-purpose "Bulletin PG" profiles the entire line of PennEngineering products and provides descriptions and photos of more than 75 fastener types. As a catalog index, the literature's "Quick Product Locator" identifies each fastener type and the bulletin where more detailed product information can be reviewed.
Referenced bulletins are available in a handy PEM three-ring binder catalog or in PDF format at the company's Website.

Among the products and equipment covered in "Bulletin PG," PEM® self-clinching fasteners and weld nuts provide permanent threads in thin metal sheets; PEM broaching fasteners can be used to attach printed circuit boards and non-ductile materials; SI® threaded metal inserts enable removal and re-attachment of plastic components; and Atlas® SpinTite®, MaxTite®, and Plus+Tite® threaded inserts offer ideal solutions for "blind" attachment applications where only one side is accessible for fastener installation.

Fastener installation equipment and capabilities include PEMSERTER® automatic and manual precision presses; In-Die and robotics systems; the StickScrew® System for quick and easy small-screw insertion; and Atlas tools.
"Bulletin PG" can be downloaded free in PDF format from www.pemnet.com

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