Updated HP Series Air Cylinder Catalog From DADCO

DADCO, Inc. recently revised its HP Series Air Cylinder Catalog to include its HP.N Non-Rotating Metric Air Cylinder. Available in ø32 - ø100 mm bore sizes with a variety of stroke lengths and DADCO's standard HP Series mounts, this special cylinder features a square rod to prevent rotation. The non-rotating feature of this cylinder makes it ideal for panel lifting and part positioning applications. Additional updates to the catalog include reorganized accessory pages and solid model drawings. These additions have been incorporated into the catalog while maintaining the same user-friendly-format.

DADCO's HP Series Air Cylinders are offered in ø32 - ø250 mm bore sizes and meet or exceed most worldwide standards including ISO, NAAMS and VDMA. Available with a wide variety of mounts and accessories, DADCO's HP Series Air Cylinders continue to be extremely versatile. For more information contact DADCO by calling (800) 323-2687 or (734) 207-1100 or by visiting DADCO's website at www.dadco.net.

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