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Upcoming Conference to address product approval process.

Press Release Summary:

MCAA is proposing 1-day conference for representatives of third-party testing laboratories (NTRLs) and MCAA member companies. Areas of concern include internal processes/efficiencies at NRTLs, timeliness of approvals, cost of testing, and training. Available resources to perform testing or evaluations, and willingness of agencies to work as a partner are also an issue.

Original Press Release:

MCAA Members to Consider Issues in the Product Approval Process

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association is an industry association whose member
companies design, manufacture and sell instrumentation and equipment used by American industries
that demand product compliance that must be certified by third-party testing laboratories (NRTLs).
Member companies have noted that while product design and life cycles have shortened, the third party
approval process has become increasingly complex, expensive and time consuming.

The Association believes that there is an ever-widening disconnect between the business practices of
the NRTLs and the testing and certification needs of instrumentation companies and their customers.
Acting on the belief that the Association can be a catalyst to bring the parties together in a process
intended to enhance the competitiveness of member companies, the Association is proposing a one-day
conference to be held between July and October 2007. Representatives of each testing laboratory (the
NRTLs) will be asked to attend along with MCAA members. A structured dialog will be laid out so
that MCAA companies can learn how to approach the approval process to minimize delays and
unforeseen expenses. Similarly, MCAA members will have the opportunity to air issues with regard to
communication, delays and rising costs and see whether these laboratories can develop a better
business plan with regard to the products of our industry.

The background of this endeavor is that during MCAA industry events member representatives began
to discuss increasing time delays and higher costs through the major agencies they were using to get
both domestic and international approvals on new products. As a result, MCAA gathered comments
from a broad cross-section of its membership about their experience with the product approval
certification process, primarily through NRTLs as certified by the Occupational Health & Safety
Administration (OSHA).

The process was, perhaps, best described by one instrumentation manufacturer, "It is very much like
going to the dentist." Areas of concern by MCAA members centered in four main areas:

1. Internal Processes/Efficiencies at NRTLs. Many members noted the difficulty they had in
communicating about the approval process. They noted "old processes" which hinder efficiency
and especially pointed to the inability of the agencies to fix a reliable schedule for project
completion. Particularly vexing are comments such as "They make decisions that impact cost and
product design, without involving us." At the bottom line, the agencies are tagged by MCAA
members as not understanding who the customer is.

2. Timeliness. Virtually every respondent to the MCAA Survey indicated that they experienced
delays in the approval process. Some non-manufacturers noted "We are indirect victims of the
long approval processes, which delays our ability to sell the affected products." Many companies
also mentioned that agencies don't always meet their own delivery dates, protracted as they are.

3. Cost. No one would be surprised that cost is an issue but some respondents believe that their
products are essentially being held hostage by the ever-increasing cost of product testing and
certification. No recognition appears to be given to companies with ISO 9001:2000 quality
programs nor of the fact that OSHA requires only semi-annual follow-up audits (quarterly followup
audits were cited). Coupled with the long delays in the process from application to approval,
the cost increases experienced recently are especially galling to MCAA companies.

4. Training. Inconsistency in the application of standards or the capabilities of trained staff to
perform testing or evaluations was a complaint that a number of MCAA companies raised. Others
put some blame on themselves-small companies do not have resources to be experts on the
standards and the approval processes of each agency and they find that the agencies do not work as
a partner with them (except at a cost). One member noted that in the past they had excellent results
when the approval agency did testing at the manufacturer's site but apparently this is out of
practice now. A key factor here is that approval agency personnel must be proficient in their
various technical areas of expertise. However, it is additionally incumbent upon the approval
agencies to try to provide manufacturers with all the information resources to submit all the
required documentation and samples so that the process is not impeded on our end.

MCAA asked the ten NRTLs appropriate for industry products to update listings on their capabilities at
MCAA's website ( All listings have been updated accordingly except
for TUV Rheinland (cannot certify to intrinsically safe) and TUV America (did not respond).

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association is the national trade association representing
manufacturers and distributors of instrumentation, systems and software used in industrial process
control and factory automation around the world. MCAA exists to help the management teams of
process and factory automation product and solution providers run and grow successful businesses by
offering timely, unique and highly specialized resources acquired from shared management
benchmarks and strategies. For more information about the Association or about Product Approvals,
visit the website at or contact MCAA at or 757-258-3100.

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