Unisys Offers EMC Virtual Tape Solution to Help ClearPath Clients Lower the Cost of Storage

EMC Data Domain deduplication storage system, available on Unisys ClearPath Libra systems, combines lower cost of storage with fast retrieval

CHICAGO - Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that it is making EMC® Data Domain® deduplication storage systems available on its ClearPath Libra systems - including the new, top-of-the-line ClearPath Libra 8290.

Unisys announced availability of the Data Domain solution for ClearPath Libra systems at the Universe client-centered event being held in Chicago.

Data Domain enables ClearPath Libra clients to create virtual tape libraries (VTL) on a high-performance protection storage system that leverages data deduplication technology. The solution combines the lower cost typically associated with tape storage with the speed of backup and retrieval associated with disk.

Data Domain enables deduplication of data before it is stored to disk. As a result, storage capacity requirements can be reduced significantly, creating storage cost savings and solution efficiencies.

The Data Domain solution for ClearPath Libra systems also enables organizations to use IT resources more efficiently and lower their IT operational costs. Moving only deduplicated data over the network can lead to significant bandwidth efficiencies, and fully automated processes and reduced tape handling free IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.

"The volume of information our clients use for their mission-critical computing tasks is growing exponentially, and they are challenged to store it securely and economically and retrieve it at a moment's notice," said Rod Sapp, vice president, Technology Solutions, Unisys. "Drawing on our longstanding relationship with EMC, we are providing a cost-efficient, market-leading VTL solution that delivers those benefits to ClearPath Libra clients worldwide."

Data Domain systems can also enable enterprises to reduce IT support costs. Because the storage system is disk-based, organizations can avoid the far higher maintenance associated with tape systems.

"We anticipate that our collaboration with Unisys to bring EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems into the ClearPath Libra line will deliver exceptional data protection capabilities to Unisys customers," said Peter Smails, senior director, Product Marketing, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division. "Data Domain and ClearPath Libra systems share common traits of outstanding performance and scalability, along with the capability to address high-volume workloads. Combined, it's a powerful solution that boosts the value proposition for enterprises using ClearPath Libra systems of all sizes."

The Data Domain solution for ClearPath Libra systems comprises the following components:

-  EMC Data Domain VTL for the ClearPath Libra MCP operating environment;

-  Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) software: Library Controller, Library Manager for MCP, and Tape Manager to interface with MCP; and

-  Brocade storage area network (SAN) switches.

Unisys offers six models of the solution to meet the needs of organizations from small to large.

The Data Domain solution for ClearPath Libra systems is scheduled for availability to clients September 16.

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