Ultraflex Using Induction Heater to Preheat Steel Seat Belt Buckles

[June 1, 2020] A recent demonstration by UltraFlex Power Technologies showed the efficiency of induction preheating for steel parts used in the automotive industry.

In this demonstration scenario UltraFlex - a manufacturer of advanced, digitally controlled induction heating solutions - was required to preheat to 100°C | 212°F stainless steel belt buckles in order to prepare them for plastic coating application and curing afterwards. Completing the preheating in max 10 seconds and ability to preheat 4 buckles at a time were also among the requirements for this process.

UltraFlex application testing engineers estimated that the UltraHeat SM-5/200 5kW power supply would be most appropriate for this induction heating scenario. It would be able to heat the part to the target temperature within 10 sec, and there would even be some extra power left. UltraFlex induction heaters from the UltraHeat SM series are compact 5kW induction heating systems operating with either a water-cooled or air-cooled remote heat station. They feature adaptive digital phase control providing efficient operation in a wide frequency range.

A custom pancake coil was designed for this heating process. The coil was positioned above the part and heat was then supplied. To find out when the part was heated to the target temperature, a FLIR thermal camera was used. It measured the temperature at the edges of the part, to ensure the latter had been thoroughly heated. At the 10th second of heating, the part had been heated to the target temperature and heat was stopped.

This induction heating demonstration proved the quick, energy-efficient and controllable steel parts induction preheating process. It was a highly repeatable process with low variability, ensuring consistent results every time. The ability to preheat 4 parts at a time required nothing more than an adjusted induction coil, custom-designed based on the results from the test. Moreover, this induction heating was a completely green, environmentally-safe process, with no waste heat, smoke or noxious emissions.

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