UltraFlex Providing a Catheter-Tipping Induction Heating Solution for a Customer, Increasing Tipping Speed and Ensuring Great Repeatability

UltraFlex Power Technologies has recently accomplished the installation of a catheter-tipping induction heating equipment for an India-based customer, speeding up existing catheter-tipping processes and achieving great repeatability and consistency of the end result.

The client - a manufacturer of medical consumables - was looking to speed up their existing catheter-tipping process which required 5 seconds for the smallest tip and 15 seconds for bigger ones. They turned for a solution to UltraFlex thanks to the high efficiency of UltraFlex induction heaters, proved via numerous test and real-world customer applications as well as thanks to the extensive range of induction heating solutions offered, including compact ones.

Considering the manufacturing needs of the customer and the tight space available for the equipment, UltraFlex recommended their UltraHeat S induction heating system. This is a compact and economical 2 kW induction heater, operating with either a water-cooled or air-cooled remote heat station. It utilizes the latest switching power supply technology and adaptive digital phase control and ensures efficient operation in a wide frequency range. Thanks to its precise temperature control capabilities, it is a perfect induction heating equipment for numerous medical applications.

By using UltraHeat S and a custom-designed coil, the customer would be able to heat a steel mold or die, which would then transfer the heat to the plastic catheter tube to melt it and form the tip. The system caters for the very accurate control of the time and temperature, ensuring high-quality, consistent results every time.

“The system supplied by UltraFlex Power is very good in operation. We have achieved great repeatability in the process. Operation is user-friendly and solving the end purpose of catheter tipping application. SM2/350 machine requires very little space and is easy to handle.” - said Mr. Gangaram Joshi, representative of the customer SURGIMEDIK Healthcare.

UltraFlex team has provided as extra service the installation and integration of the induction heating equipment on the customer premises, to ensure no interruptions in the customer manufacturing process.

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