UltraFlex Demonstrates The Efficiency of Induction Hardening for Complex Shape Steel Parts

[May 25, 2020] In a recent customer-requested induction application UltraFlex Power Technologies - a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions - proved the time- and energy-efficiency of induction hardening for steel parts used in manufacturing.

In this application the customer - a manufacturing company - was looking to optimize the process of hardening for complex shape steel tools. In addition to reducing the time and energy required for the process, the company was aiming at implementing the optimized hardening process on a conveyor line and increasing productivity.

UltraFlex application testing engineers designed a custom 4-turn helical induction coil for this induction heating scenario, so uniform heat could be applied to the entire part. A 5-15 kW induction heating unit from the UltraFlex UltraHeat W series had been considered most appropriate for this heating. UltraHeat W are advanced, cost-effective 5-15 kW Induction Heating systems providing flexible, wide range load impedance matching by utilizing multiple transformer ratios and configurable tank capacitance. They are configured to operate with external Heat Stations allowing output connections to be available from all sides.

Using power of 9.71 kW, it took mere 17 seconds for this induction hardening process to be completed. Still, the exact time and power of the induction heat need to be determined based on the specific hardening and production requirements for the parts. To complete the hardening process, the samples were quenched into water.

This induction hardening test application proved the efficiency of induction for hardening of steel parts. Moreover, since induction heating is a highly repeatable process with low variability, the customer could easily implement the induction hardening process on the line, and achieve fast heating, increased energy efficiency, automation and increased production rates.

Finally, because of the lack of open flame, the induction hardening process is a completely green process, with no waste heat, smoke or noxious emissions.

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UltraFlex Power Technologies (ultraflexpower.com) offers the most advanced and innovative digitally controlled induction heating equipment in the industry. Its compact modular and flexible systems are suitable for a wide variety of induction heating, casting and melting applications.

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