U5 Machining Center Aids Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Mirror for Kepler space telescope machined on MAG five-axis U5 universal machining center. Space craft on three-year mission to search galaxy for Earth-like planets.

MAG Cincinnati's bridge-type U5 machining center demonstrated its accuracy and versatility by helping to produce the 1.4 m (4.5 ft) glass mirror for the recently-launched Kepler telescope. The three-year mission of the Kepler Telescope is to search the nearby region of the Milky Way - referred to as the "habitable" zone - looking for planets capable of supporting life. Used by the Brashear Unit of L-3 Communications, Inc. in Pittsburgh, the U5 is ideal for machining the telescope mirror. The five-axis/five-side machine, with automatic interchangeable head capability, offers industry-leading rigidity and accuracy and provides superior precision on large, critical parts with repeatability accuracies of 0.038 mm (0.0015 in) X axis, 0.008 mm (0.00032 in) Y-Z axes, and 14 arc second accuracy in C axis. According to Mike Sess, applications engineer for MAG, "using the U5 to cut glass for a telescope is a unique application that shows the versatility of the machine."

U5 machining centers are ideal for large monolithic part processing and are used in the aerospace, wind energy, oilfield and off-road and heavy equipment industries.

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