U.S. Secretary of Commerce Names Capstone Turbine Corporation's Jim Crouse to National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Dec. 9, 2010 - Capstone Turbine Corporation (www.capstoneturbine.com) (Nasdaq:CPST), the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced that U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke recently named Capstone Executive Vice President Jim Crouse to a national advisory committee that will promote U.S. exports of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

The 29-member Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee will advise Locke on the development and implementation of programs and policies to help expand the competitiveness of the U.S. renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. Crouse and other committee members also will develop strategies to identify and expand export markets for the industries, both in the short- and long-term.

"We will work closely with the committee to help achieve President Obama's goal of making the United States a leader in the global green economy," Locke said in a press release. "U.S. companies in these critical sectors need to take full advantage of increased exporting opportunities and thus will create green jobs for Americans that are needed to sustain our economic growth."

Secretary Locke has recognized Capstone Turbine in the past. In June, Capstone representatives joined Secretary Locke at a signing ceremony that was part of the first U.S. International Trade Mission to China under the Obama Administration. The event in Beijing recognized the distribution agreement between Capstone and Sino Clean Energy and acknowledged the companies' efforts to broaden China's use of clean-and-green microturbine technology developed in the United States.

In addition, Capstone's innovative U.S.-based technology and successful exporting record led Secretary Locke to award the company the Presidential E Award for Exporting in 2009.

"Jim's years of experience in the worldwide energy marketplace, and deep knowledge about decentralized energy systems will play a crucial role in advising Secretary Locke on these critical programs," said Darren Jamison, Capstone's President and Chief Executive Officer.

Jamison noted last June during the announcement of the Beijing signing ceremony that, "Sales of our low emission microturbines overseas rose significantly the last three years. The Commerce Department opens doors for us, provides advice and exceptional service, and assists with market assessments domestically and in Asia and Europe. With their help, we've been able to broaden our network of Capstone distributors worldwide, which has led to increased sales."

Capstone products offer a clean-and-green energy solution that ensures a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, low maintenance and controlled energy costs. Energy efficiencies can approach 90 percent, especially in combined heat and power (CHP) or combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) applications. In CCHP applications, for example, the Capstone microturbines produce reliable electricity. At the same time, waste heat energy is captured and recycled to heat and air condition a facility via absorption cooling, thus greatly increasing system efficiencies.

About Capstone Turbine Corporation

Capstone Turbine Corporation (www.capstoneturbine.com) (Nasdaq:CPST) is the world's leading producer of low-emission microturbine systems, and was the first to market commercially viable microturbine energy products. Capstone Turbine has shipped over 5,000 Capstone MicroTurbine® systems to customers worldwide. These award-winning systems have logged millions of documented runtime operating hours.

Capstone Turbine is a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Combined Heat and Power Partnership, which is committed to improving the efficiency of the nation's energy infrastructure and reducing emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. A UL-Certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company, Capstone is headquartered in the Los Angeles area with sales and/or service centers in the New York Metro Area, Nottingham, Shanghai and Singapore.


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