Two Tier Quality Assurance for Toolmex Products

Extending Toolmex TMX Workholding and Tooling Product Lines, Customers Increase Productivity with Tested Products

NATICK, Massachusetts - June 17, 2010 - Toolmex Corporation, a leading workholding and tooling product designer and supplier, announced today that they are extending their current workholding line of manual and power chucks, cylinders, v-flanges and vises.

The Toolmex Product Differentiator:

Toolmex utilizes a two-tier comprehensive quality control process to support and ensure their position as a market leader in workholding and tooling products. Inspected first in state-of-the-art ISO-9001 manufacturing facilities, all Toolmex workholding products meet strict statistical process control standards at the factory and are then retested again for quality assurance in the Toolmex QA Lab located at their corporate facilities in Natick, MA.

"This all-inclusive approach to quality control ensures that we do it right the first time, every time," said Sharon Bronaugh, Marketing Director. "Our customers trust us to focus on every detail no matter how small, so that they be assured that they are purchasing the most durable, accurate and highest quality products for all their workholding and tooling applications."

Toolmex Extended Chuck Product Line

Designed and made to Toolmex specifications, TMX Chucks serve every type of client market from Oil Patch to Machine Shops and are available in sizes from 3.25" chucks to big diameter giants as large as 100". The extended line includes manual chucks, power chucks and cylinders at three price levels with quality built into each. Toolmex works closely with worldwide manufacturers to ensure that the TMX Chucks are high quality 3-bar inspected products.

"Our customers demand quality chucks, and that is what we will continue to offer," said Bob Gross, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "When machinists have a demand for a lathe chuck, they can be confident in buying from Toolmex, a 40-year quality veteran. No matter which industry-specific demands are made to the lathe chucks, Toolmex's product variety and technical creativity always offers the best resolution. We have made sense of a complex market by offering a full line of workholding and tooling with service levels that are attractive to small shops as much as the corporate powerhouses."

Three New TMX Vise Models

The new TMX Vise body is made from high quality ductile iron hardened to 45RC with up to 11,000 lbs. of clamping force, which improves on industry standard products and enables customer's to attain product rate increases.

TMX V-Flange

TMX V-Flanges are now offered in CAT40 and CAT50, BT and HSK as well as conventional taper tools and retention knobs. All are balanced as high as 25K RPM at G2.5. The products are nickel plated for corrosion resistance for long wear in all production environments.

About Toolmex Corporation, Inc.

Since 1973, Toolmex has served the industrial marketplace as a leading provider and global supplier with broad product lines and service solutions, supporting a wide network of distributors throughout North America, Central and South America. Our commitment to assisting our customers' business goals has driven us to evolve into a full line supplier with an integrated distribution channel, taking the product from factory to final destination. From our premier TMX Tooling and Workholding lines to our superior TUR series long bed lathes and versatile Elektrim and Elektrimax motors, Toolmex is committed to offering the best in its class now and into the future.

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