Twisted-Pair Wiring Enables Cost-Effective M2M Networks Anywhere

San Diego, CA - The first company to provide advanced hardware solutions that enable access to Ethernet/IP using already installed copper wiring, PCN Technology, Inc. is an innovator in the developing M2M (machine to machine) communication environment.

One of PCN's clients, Wayne, a GE Energy Business, which provides fuel dispensers and the technologies to remotely monitor fuel usage, is employing PCN's IP-485® technology in hundreds of gas stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Managers can now remotely monitor fuel inventory; and customers can use credit or debit cards at the pump knowing their payment-card transactions are more secure. All this is possible with IP-enabled networks in gas station forecourts.

Bandwidth, however, can be a major limitation when adding new functionality to an existing system. Station owners don't want to drill through concrete to rewire with CAT 5 or CAT 6 Ethernet. With PCN's technology, they don't have to.

The system-deploying digital signage, PCI-compliant payment technology, and fuel pumps with diagnostics, measurement and remote management-can be installed within hours, rather than weeks or months. It's all done on existing twisted-pair cables.

Wayne's remotely monitored fuel pumps equipped with POS systems are just one example of PCN Technology's solutions for M2M communication. When the devices themselves contain intelligence, M2M networks can enable remote monitoring. The results for businesses are cost savings and increased productivity.

"In their M2M communications, our customers now have the best of both worlds," said Jeff Davis, Vice-President of Sales at PCN. "They're not only maintaining the existing network they already have, but they're able to gain IP on that same existing wire. This not only saves money on construction costs, but you also save on time, and any large shutdown periods."

Historically, M2M systems have been implemented on leased lines with radio modems, but with the integration of mobile devices in M2M networks, the use of leased lines is limiting. Cellular networks, which are widely used in consumer environments, create difficulties for M2M, due to interference and electrical noise as well as bandwidth and security issues. In addition, the end-user would be required to pay the service provider for the transfer of data within the M2M area network itself.

PCN's patented IP-485® technology enables copper wiring to become an interoperable Ethernet/IP Network backbone for M2M gateways, networks and extensions. Designed to operate in harsh environments, PCN switches and routers are at work creating Ethernet-on-Demand(TM) networks for transportation, financial, energy, gas & oil, SCADA, industrial automation, manufacturing, retail and healthcare needs. M2M networks can be deployed anywhere and at any time.

Features and Benefits of PCN's Ethernet-on-Demand(TM) Products

· Use paid-for and in-use copper wiring to create an instant Ethernet/IP backbone

· Use existing functional wires to support distinct private and Internet networks

· Eliminate costs and time to deploy M2M networks

· Get potential LEED credits through copper reuse, zero watt devices and green Ethernet solutions

· Extend the Cloud all the way to the edge; drop in applications where and when you want

· Use with mobile 3G/4G/LTE and other wireless broadband devices

· Use seamlessly with existing hardware and software

To learn more about M2M applications and the cost savings and rapid deployment available by using Ethernet on Demand(TM) call Jeff Davis, Vice President of Sales at (858) 434-0605 or visit for more information.

About PCN Technology, Inc.

Winner of the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award, the Connect 2010 Most Innovative New Product Award, a 2010 Finalist for TechAmerica's High Tech Awards and named in 2011 to Red Herring's prestigious Global 100 list of the most promising private technology companies in North America, PCN Technology, Inc. offers Ethernet Switches and single-channel or four-channel LAN Routers to instantly enable Ethernet/IP connectivity over analog or digital twisted-pair wiring. For more information, visit

About Wayne

Wayne, a GE Energy Business Unit, has become the leading supplier of integrated solutions in the retail and fleet petroleum industry. Wayne - headquartered in Austin, Texas - is largely responsible for the innovations that contribute to the look and functionality of the modern service station. From dispensers and POS systems to retail intelligence and after-sale support services, Wayne is committed to continuing its long tradition of providing innovative, customer-centric solutions in all facets of the industry.

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