TurboTorch to Offer MAP//PRO(TM) Premium Hand Torch Fuel

Next generation of premium hand torch fuel replaces discontinued MAPP® gas

St. Louis, MO (March 19, 2008) - TurboTorch, a leading manufacturer of a line of air-fuel and oxy-fuel products, has announced it will begin offering MAP//PRO(TM) gas today as the new premium fuel for the hand torch industry.

The introduction comes after the announcement that the sole North American manufacturer of MAPP® gas will no longer produce MAPP gas as it is closing its Canadian operations. MAPP gas is currently the hand torch industry's premium fuel used primarily by professionals.

MAP//PRO, which is produced by Worthington Cylinders of Columbus, OH, has a higher flame temperature and better combustion intensity than propane, which enables professional users to complete their tasks more quickly. MAP//PRO also has a higher vapor pressure than MAPP resulting in better performance in colder temperatures.

"The effective BTU output is a measurement of the quantity of BTUs that actually go into the work piece when heated," said Paul Minter, VP / General Manager, TurboTorch. "Our lab tests have revealed that MAP//PRO has approximately a 10% greater BTU output over Propane and a 14% less effective BTU output than MAPP. Given the technical advancements offered by TurboTorch products as the premium brand in the market, our torches maximize the performance of propylene based (MAP//PRO)."

TurboTorch, markets the most comprehensive line of air-fuel and oxy-fuel products and accessories of any manufacturer. Its "Swirl-Tip" and "Sof-Flame(TM)" torches and tips are the tools of choice for trade professionals worldwide. The TurboTorch Pro-Line(TM) series torches give operators the added convenience of a self-lighting torch feature. TurboTorch's premium quality products include tools for Acetylene, LP Gas, MAPP®, and oxy-acetylene applications. Cylinders, hand torch kits, and brazing and soldering alloys complement TurboTorch's equipment offering.

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