Turbotec Releases White Paper On Heat Recovery

To assist in understanding the basics of heat recovery systems, such as the light commercial/residential Enviro-Pak and the larger commercial industrial Enviro-Temp, Turbotec Products, Inc. a world leader in high performance heat exchangers, publishes a white paper called Heat Recovery from Vapor Compression Air Conditioning: A Brief Introduction.

Heat Recovery Units (HRU's) operate with air conditioning and refrigeration systems to recycle excess heat which would otherwise be lost, thereby improving overall energy efficiency and yielding useful heating. Other varieties of heat recovery are also possible, such as transferring the heat to a process fluid, like ethylene glycol and using the heat in industrial processes instead of potable water heating.

The economic benefit is dependent on the cost to recover waste heat versus the cost of generating hot water using conventional means (natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil, electricity, etc.). The operating cost of the HRU is generally only the electricity to power the circulating pump; less than the average household light bulb (60 watts). Benefiting from HRU's can yield an ROI of less than a year to 3 years, depending on location and The HRU can also assist in reaching LEED goals.

The White Paper is available for download at both the literature section and the Enviro-Pak section of www.turbotecproducts.com.

Turbotec, a world leader in enhanced heat transfer technology, manufactures a diverse range of high performance heat exchangers for virtually any space conditioning or refrigeration application in the biomedical, plumbing, water heating, geothermal or aerospace markets. Turbotec tubing offers dramatic increases in heat transfer efficiency- providing up to 4 times the efficiency of smooth tubing and can be shaped into virtually any space saving configuration.

For additional information, contact Turbotec at (860) 731-4216, (800 394-1633 outside of Conn.) or visit us on the web at www.turbotecproducts.com.

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