Tube-O-Matic® Valve Series Product Spotlight

This month's bulletin is designed to give everyone a more enlightened view of our Tube-O-Matic® series product line. This uniquely designed valve was developed over thirty years ago to solve the problems associated with wear and maintenance when controlling abrasive and corrosive media such as sand blasting compounds, metal chips, liquid or powdered chemicals, machine tool coolant, gases, slurries or virtually any other type of gaseous, liquid or semi-solid media to name a few.

The TUBE-O-MATIC® has been designed to include the excellent features of a pinch valve without the inherent weaknesses. The tube sleeve in the TUBE-O-MATIC® does not collapse entirely as the tubing does in a typical pinch valve. Our tube closes on the airfoil center core when cycling. Because of this design, the travel of the tube (the only moving part inside the valve body) is substantially reduced, which leads to an extended service life of the valve.

The normally open TUBE-O-MATIC® valve design allows media flow in both directions. This feature can prove invaluable in systems requiring both forward and reverse control of media flow. Our tube is controlled by an external pneumatic (any compatible gas) or hydraulic (oil, water or other compatible liquid) pilot pressure signal. To close the valve, pilot pressure is applied, closing the tube around the center core and sealing bubble tight. To open the valve, pilot pressure is exhausted, allowing full flow. The small tube deflection permits a high cycle rate with minimal flow noise and the design is inherently "water hammer" free when using fluids. Our design features a straight-through flow path that eliminates the build-up of solids in the valve body, causing it to act as a self-flushing unit.

With a Cv range of 4.0 to 75.0 and pipe sizes available from 1/4" NPT to 2 1/2" NPT, TUBE-O-MATIC® offers a valve to fit any application. The airfoil design of the center core and the straight-through flow path result in flow capacities that compare to ball valves of similar size.

These products have found their way into applications in virtually any industry where service temperatures range from -25 through 400 degrees F at media pressures up to 150 PSI. This product line has been used to replace valves of all types of including gate, globe, butterfly, poppet and ball valves of several styles.

Our TUBE-O-MATIC® valves work well in handling liquids, liquids with solids present, dry powders (with minimal air pressure), granular material, slurries and gases. However, they should not be used in steam service. Also note that EPR sleeves can not be used with media that contains petroleum based lubricants (i.e. lubricated main or pilot media) as EPR is not compatible with petroleum based products. They are well suited for food and pharmaceutical service because of available stainless steel wetted parts as well as odorless and tasteless Buna-N tube sleeves.

Some of the materials that have been successfully passed through the TUBE-O-MATIC® include:

Acid Mine Water Fly Ash Potash Slurry

Acids of Many Types Grain Pulp Stock

Aluminum Powder Grinding Compound Salt Brine

Asbestos Ilmenite Sand

Beer Iron Shot Sand Blast Shot

Benzene Juices of Several Types Sand Slurry

Bleach Liquor Latex Sea Water

Catalysis Granules Leaching Slurry Sewage Effluent

Carbonates and Water Lead Ore Slurry Silicon Carbide Granules

Ceramic Slip Lime Slurry Sludge

Cement Slurry Limestone Dust Sodium Silicate

Clay Slurry Lube Oils Sugar Pulp

Coal Fines and Water Magnesium Slurry Sugar Granules

Coolants Masonite Stock Sweet Water

Copper Ore Slurry Milk of Lime Taconite Slurry

De-ionized Resin Ore Tailings Titanium Oxide

Detergents P.V.C. Granules Uranium Ore Slurry

Distilled Water Phosphate Slurry Vegetable Oils

Dusty Air Pickle Broth Vegetable Puree

Electrolyte Plaster of Paris Vinyl Chips

Flotation Media Porcelain Frit White Liquor

The list of materials above is in no way inclusive of everything that can pass through our valve. If you have an application for a media that is not listed, please contact the factory for assistance.

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