TruStar Energy PFS to Fuel Texas-Based Vehicle Up- Fitter

DALLAS,  -- TruStar Energy is excited to announce the recent delivery of its Portable Fuel System [PFS into a Northern Texas-based vehicle upfitter. The PFS will allow the firm to test the CNG fuel systems they install at their facility, as well as providing fuel to secondary fleets from around their area.

The PFS is a self-contained compressor-redundant system that arrives on a small skid, but packs a productive punch - producting 66 diesel gallon equivalent of fuel per hour - making it the right size for the customer's operation. The two-compressor setup also provides for additional peace of mind as fueling can still take place with one compressor in the event the other is down for maintenance.

"This fueling solution is another great example of flexibility that the PFS provides our customers," said TruStar Energy Vice President, Scott Edelbach. "No two operations are the same and the PFS is perfect for this application and is sized appropriately for their fuel need." Edelbach went on to say that the PFS's small draw on electrical power also provides additional value over other systems with larger, unneeded components that cost more to operate.

Edelbach went on to say that TruStar Energy has expanding the PFS family line to include both a two - and three-compressor system for fleets that need up to 100 DGE of fuel per hour. Regardless of the PFS model customers order, power draw will be very low and the footprint will remain small, making the PFS a perfect solution for locations with limited space.

TruStar Energy LLC is the preferred partner for commercial fleets looking to transition their fuel supply from oil to natural gas.  TruStar Energy provides a suite of solutions making the transition as simple and easy as possible for the customer.  With station builds throughout the US and Canada, TruStar Energy is a recognized leader in providing CNG infrastructure and CNG fueling solutions.

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