Truck Manufacturers and Trucking Companies Recognize Safety Margin with Disc-Lock

Culver City, Calif. - February 5, 2010 - DISC-LOCK International deliveries of their Safety Wheel Nut to truck manufacturers and trucking companies is on the increase due to wheel loss incidents.

Recently on Interstate 10 in Beaumont, Texas, the rear wheel of a propane tanker truck separated from the axle, bounced off the median and smashed into the windshield of a Honda Accord. Fortunately, the driver of the car escaped without injuries, however the car appeared totaled. A witness of the wheel off accident was driving behind the tanker and stopped to help the affected driver.

"Wheel separations from trucks, trailers and buses are a serious problem, causing accidents, injuries, property damage and fatalities," said Alistair McKinlay, Chairman of DISC-LOCK International. "Truck manufactures and trucking fleets are recognizing that our Safety Wheel Nut is an essential safety device," added McKinlay.

"The manufacturer of a truck or bus may hold to the principle that their customer has a responsibility to maintain and tighten wheels properly and that they will do this. However, field experience shows that this is not the case and is best considered to be a goal," said Greg White, Vice President of DISC-LOCK International. "Our Safety Wheel Nuts, when correctly installed, maintain their clamping force and will not loosen due to vibration and stress," added White.

A study administered by National Safety Transportation Board (NTSB) cites loose wheel nuts as one of the leading causes of wheel separations on medium and heavy vehicles.

A major advantage of the DISC-LOCK Safety Wheel Nut is attained in the area of liability. Companies have been able to mitigate the penalties in law suits where there was a serious injury or a fatality from a wheel-off accident by agreeing to retrofit their fleets with DISC-LOCK Safety Wheel Nuts.

About DISC-LOCK International

DISC-LOCK International, headquartered in Culver City, Calif., manufactures a complete range of safety fastening solutions for transportation, industry and the military including trucks, trailers, buses and wind turbines and towers. DISC-LOCK products include; Safety Wheel Nut, Vibration Proof Locking Nut, Truck Frame Fastening System, Rail Car Fastening System, Armor Fastening System, Shear Wrench, Tension Control Bolt, Hex Head Bolt and Locking Washers. Established in 1980, DISC-LOCK International distributes to all 50 states in the U.S. and 31 countries worldwide. DISC-LOCK is a minority-owned business.

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