Tru Body Wellness is Branching Out on Custom Formulas

Tru Body Wellness has been offering custom formulas since its inception in 2011. As we continue to offer a multitude of customizable options, tablet custom formulas and bulk encapsulation services are also now available.

Capsule formula MoQs start at 500 bottles.
Liquid formula MoQs start at 1,500 bottles.
Tablet and Powder formula MoQs start at 2,000 bottles.
Bulk encapsulation services MoQ starts at 50,000 capsules (vegetable or gelatin).
Bulk tablet services MoQ starts at 100,000 tablets.

Custom formula services provided by Tru Body Wellness:

  • Staffed with experienced formulators and nutritional experts to assist you in developing your one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement. We are with you from start to finish, overseeing production, labeling and shipment to your designated facility.
  • Large network of raw material suppliers to help you get the ingredients you need, exactly as you want them. We do not stock raw materials. All ingredients go straight from our suppliers to the production line for your custom product.
  • Custom packaging options such as glass bottles, pouches, and stick packs are available.

To learn more, please email us at or call (877) 419-4004

About Tru Body Wellness

Tru Body Wellness specializes in private labeling and customizing dietary supplements. All products are made in FDA inspected and cGMP certified facilities in the US. Orders that require fulfillment by Amazon or other third-party fulfillment sites can be processed with us. We assist in Certificate of Analysis documentation, third-party product testing, and the process of applying for Certificates of Free Sale with the Food and Drug Administration. The Tru Body Wellness team will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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