Trodat Announces a NEW Product, and Improves Some Classics

Trodat Launches the NEW 43132 Printy Dater
In response to stamp makers' requests in the U.S., Trodat is launching the equivalent to the old Ideal 5732D. Beginning in February the Printy 43132, a new 1 ¼" x 1 ¼" square plastic dater, will be available for order. Designed and built to meet the high standards of the Trodat Printy line, the 43132 will feature a variety of pad colors, including dry pads, and is guaranteed to have at least 10 years on the bands.

An American Original: Improved.
The best selling self-inking stamp in the U.S. has undergone some important improvements in the past few months. In order to improve the structure of the stamp, several design enhancements to internal parts will ensure more durability and consistency, impression after impression.

Long considered the best in the industry, Trodat pad-material and technology have been incorporated in the Ideal product. The new technology means a better overall first impression, better impressions on stamps with borders, and a better transfer to the index label, avoiding letter fill in. These improvements show Trodat's commitment to the Ideal line, and our Ideal customers in the U.S.

The Trodat Professional: Better than ever
In recent months, Trodat put the Professional Line up against the competition using an independent testing company. The results have been posted on Trodat's home page,, and we encourage you to see for yourself what Trodat customers already know: Trodat was clearly the best.

In addition, many of Trodat's customers have requested that the Professional Line be made available with the text plate adhesive already applied to the platen. Trodat is pleased to announce that this feature has been incorporated into the Professional Line here in the U.S., and that all sizes will be shipping this way in the near future.

For more information and pricing call 1-800 TRODAT1 or contact your Regional Account Manager.

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