Trend Towards Pastillation Helps Secure New Orders For Sandvik Process Systems

Sandvik Process Systems, one of the world's leading manufacturers of systems for the solidification of chemicals directly from the melt, has secured four new orders from customers in the adhesives industry.

All are for granulation systems, mainly for mot-melt adhesives, and include both complete systems and extensions to existing processes. The orders reflect Sandvik Process Systems' market lead in solidification systems and the general trend away from strip-forming processes. Pastillation systems are now established in most countries as the standard method for direct solidification of melts into solids.

The company offers a choice of two systems for the solidification of hot melt adhesives: a strip-forming and cutting system designed for the production of pillow-type granules; and the Rotoform® process, which delivers consistently sized, round shaped pastilles from 3-30 mm diameter.

With more than 1200 installations worldwide, Sandvik's Rotoform is a proven process used across the chemical industry for the efficient pastillation of a huge range of different products, including hot melts, waxes and resins.

Full turnkey installations can be provided, from reactor via pump and filter, through the main process itself (granulation on a steel belt cooler), through to weighing and packaging equipment.

From Steel Belts to Processing Systems

Sandvik Process Systems was formed in Fellbach/Germany in 1969 ( now part of Sweden's Sandvik Materials Technology Group), and today employs more than 400 people worldwide. Business areas are Steel Belts, Press Plates, Heat Exchangers and Industrial Processing (Chemical and Food).

The head office and belt operations are based in Sweden, while the Industrial Processing Product Center is located in Fellbach, Germany.

The company is represented around the world through regional Sandvik Process Systems' offices.

Sandvik Group

The Sandvik Group as a whole operates across 130 countries and employs some 38.000 people worldwide. Local presence close to the customer has always been the foundation of Sandvik's operations. It is a global company, but acts as a local partner. R+D within selected niches and in close cooperation with customers is one of the cornerstones for the Group. With an average for the Group of about 4% of sales annually, Sandvik invests more in R&D than its competitors. A key element in the strategy is to protect the technical innovations and Sandvik currently has about 4,300 valid patents.

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