Trango Virtual Processors Provides Embedded Virtualization Technology Cavium OCTEON Processors

SANTA CLARA, JANUARY 21ST, 2008- TRANGO Virtual Processors, a leading provider of embedded virtualization IP, announced today that they are providing their feature-rich embedded virtualization technology for Cavium Networks' (NASDAQ: CAVM) OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64® processor family. Networking, Wireless, Storage and Security system vendors are adding multiple services into intelligent hardware systems across the home, SOHO, SME, Enterprise and Carrier markets. This consolidation of services requires high performance, availability and user-data security. Multi-core processors along with embedded virtualization technology are providing a solution to these requirements and are being adopted by OEM vendors building next generation intelligent systems.

TRANGO's embedded virtualization technology which is also referred to as Trango's Hypervisor will provide OCTEON processor customers with high-availability, application reliability, user-data security, adaptive resource allocation, IO virtualization and power reduction by creating on-demand Virtual Processors across up to 16 MIPS cores available in OCTEON.

High-availability, application reliability and user-data security is offered by providing isolation between different functions. This isolation ensures that software updates, bugs or viruses do not affect the entire system but are quarantined by design without halting the entire system. This intrinsic quarantine enables quick detection of issues and enables run-time fixes. Adaptive resource allocation is achieved by dynamically allocating cores and hardware resources to different system functions and features. Based on varying requirements networking systems using Trango virtualization technology will be able to quickly and with fine granularity reallocate processing power between different system functions to meet real-time demand. IO virtualization enables networking OEMs to provide rich QOS (quality-of-service) which is required to support multimedia enabled systems and customer service level agreements. Power reduction is achieved by consolidating processing load to active cores and shutting down "extra" cores using OCTEON's dynamic core power management capabilities.

"We are excited to offer our feature rich Hypervisor for Cavium Networks' OCTEON that will result in our customers fielding products exhibiting carrier class reliability, world class throughput, and best of class power management," said Fabrice Devaux, Chief Technology Officer at TRANGO Virtual Processors.

"TRANGO's approach to embedded virtualization enables our common customers to build and offer unique features that use OCTEON's scalable hardware architecture and high-performance acceleration technology. We look forward to working with common customers building world-class products based on OCTEON processors and Trango Virtualization technology." added Amer Haider, Director of Strategic Marketing and Eco-system Development.


The TRANGO Hypervisor product with a complete Eclipse-based tools suite, and customized engineering and consulting services for Cavium Networks' OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64 processor family will be available for shipment to customers starting in Q1 2008.

About TRANGO Virtual Processors

TRANGO Virtual Processors is a leading provider of embedded processor virtualization solutions, licensing TRANGO Hypervisor IP to major semiconductor and device manufacturers. The company helps customers create robust security architectures, deploy new value-added services, and reduce development costs as well as bill-of-materials. Headquartered in Grenoble, France, TRANGO has sales and support offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. For more information, please visit

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