Toshiba Chooses Altera's MAX II CPLDs for New V30T gigabeat Digital Audio Player

MAX II CPLDs Reduce Development Time and Lower Power Consumption

San Jose, Calif., Oct. 9, 2006-Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) announced today that Toshiba Corp. selected the lead-free version of its MAX® II CPLD family for their newest line of gigabeat® portable media players. Altera® MAX II devices enabled Toshiba designers to reduce development time by several months and introduce the gigabeat V30T in time to be the first portable digital audio/video player supporting Japan's one-segment TV and radio broadcasting services.

"The design flexibility provided by MAX II devices enabled us to meet a very rigid development schedule," said Masatoshi Ogawa, Chief Specialist, Toshiba Corporation, Digital Media Network Company, Mobile Entertainment Products Division, Development & Design Department. "Additionally, after evaluating several CPLDs and FPGAs, we determined that the low power consumption and low cost of the MAX II devices made them the best choice for our gigabeat V30T portable digital audio player."

Toshiba is using MAX II CPLDs to perform critical broadcast receiver processing, including filtering the one-segment broadcast tuner output and recovering the system time clock.

"More and more, programmable logic devices like MAX II CPLDs are finding their way into consumer products to help developers like Toshiba be successful in meeting their time to market, cost and performance goals," said Todd Scott, senior director, consumer business unit at Altera. "For most portable applications where ASICs, ASSPs, and discrete devices are traditionally used, the low total solution cost of MAX II CPLDs provides a compelling argument for replacing or augmenting these devices."

Due to their very low cost and features such as ultra-small form-factor packages, high density, on-chip voltage regulator, and power-down capabilities, MAX II CPLDs offer portable system designers, on average, 50 percent lower cost and power than competing CPLD solutions. They also provide the time-to-market and flexibility benefits that ASICs and ASSPS cannot deliver. For more information about MAX II CPLD's, please visit

About Japan's one-segment

Launched April 1, 2006 one-segment broadcasting services allow users to view terrestrial digital broadcasting via their cellular phones and other portable devices such as car navigation systems and the gigabeat V30T. To date, 45 Japanese broadcasters have launched one-segment broadcasting services and several manufacturers have begun developing mobile handsets supporting the service.

About Toshiba gigabeat

Toshiba's gigabeat digital audio players allow users to choose the way they enjoy music and movies. The latest series of gigabeat, the V30T, supports the viewing and recording of one-segment broadcasting service. It also features long battery life and allows users to play music, movies and view still pictures.

About Altera

Altera's programmable solutions enable system and semiconductor companies to rapidly and cost-effectively innovate, differentiate and win in their markets. Find out more at or (Japanese).

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