TM Limited is Proud to Announce New Waterjet Service

TM Limited, a leading provider of CNC machining, Screw Machine Parts and Precision Sheetmetal Fabricating is pleased to announce new Waterjet Service to meet the rising demand of the marketplace.

This Ultra - Waterjet cutting and Machining Process allows parts to be produced from most materials up to 6" thick and over 6" x 12" with tolerances as close as +/- .003 and positional accuracies of +/- .001.

Materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, inconel, armor plate, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, acrylic, delrin, polycarbonates, laminates, wood, stone, tile, granite, glass, fiberglass, rubber and much more, with no heat affected zone and with little or no burr, warping or distortion.

Since 1975, TM Limited has been providing prompt, hassle-free service to customers involved with the following industries and products: aerospace, medical, packaging, composite materials, chip manufacturing and testing, valves, cryogenics, lasers, vibration control, EMI shielding, optical, surgical instruments, food processing, electronics, under-sea exploration, blood processing, ultrasonic testing, printers, vacuum equipment, ozone generators, contract manufacturers, telephone switching systems, and many more.

Software can convert any dxf. or cad file, scanned in image, or even a hand drawn sketch to produce precision parts for prototype to production runs. Tight nesting and small kerf width allows for optimal material usage. Parts also can be processed as for pre-machining.

Learn more about TM Limited and its new services at or by calling 800-910-2352 or by emailing to

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