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Time to Set Your Budget: Make Room for Automation!

Press release date: Jul 15, 2014

Intelligent Data Loggers Can Save Your Business Time and Money

CHESTERLAND OH — As your plant's PLCs and SCADA legacy systems develop issues over years of operation, they gradually come to pose a risk to your production and to the safety of your machinery. For many companies summer is the time to seriously look at automating data collection and control for their critical processes and electrical equipment. Dataloggers and data acquisition systems (DAQ) are unique in that they can solve a problem your business or organization has, not only in the short-term but over time—for example the rugged dataTaker systems can keep logging for a decade or more! While your company is setting next year's budget, now's a good time for you to consider automation. If you've been managing without measuring, give us a call at CAS DataLoggers today!

The Single Automation Solution:

Unlike an electric thermometer or paper chart recorder, a data logger automatically sends alarms to you and your team whenever a tank begins overheating, when your perishable food products go out of safe temperatures, or when your business-critical equipment needs servicing. You can wait until an event causes a process delay or you can get the earliest notice possible using these smart systems.

This year your business has a great opportunity to benefit from the many communication and control capabilities available with automated monitoring systems. DataTaker data loggers perform monitoring, control and data storage, freeing workers up from having to take inaccurate manual measurements. These systems feature universal input channels for use with a wide range of sensors so you can record Temperature, Voltage, Current, 4-20mA Loops, Resistance, Bridges, Strain Gauges, Frequency, Digital, Serial and more—all on one system using one software.

Our flagship product the dataTaker DT80 is a great example of this versatility. See for yourself in this video:

Intelligent Alarms:

DataTaker's intelligent automation means that whenever your process goes out of specification, you'll instantly get an alarm over text or email. For example, when your product's temperature suddenly rises or machine runtime drops, threatening your product quality or productivity, you'll get an instant heads-up. With time to react, you can avoid a potentially disastrous loss of product or a machine failure that could bring a halt to your process. For many of our customers, this programmed alarm feature often pays for the logger by itself.

Automatic Data Transmission:

Our dataTaker dataloggers provide an impressive array of communications features including RS232 with modem support along with Ethernet and USB memory stick ports so users can connect locally, remotely, or over the Internet. You can also use FTP to push data to your office PC over the internet or mobile phone network without any need for polling or specific host software.

Forget travelling long distances to get your data. Our dataTaker DT80M logger has a built-in 3G modem for automatic remote data delivery directly to your office over the Internet or mobile phone network. You can schedule your data to be automatically emailed to your inbox every day, week, or whenever you like. More sophisticated systems can make use of this capability to push all logged data to an FTP server without any user interaction required. Make room for this capability in your budget and see how it can streamline your business.

Watch this brief video to see how painless it is to setup the dataTaker DT80M to automatically FTP data to your server:

Large Internal Memory:

With a dataTaker you don't have to use expensive and replaceable memory cards—just store data onto USB or the logger's large internal memory for extended logging. Store up to 10 million data points in user-defined memory and log as much or as little as you need with independent control of schedule size and mode. Automatically overwrite or stop logging once the allocated memory is full.

Project Manager Vin Calio for Custom Systems and Controls explains what our dataTaker has done for his load cell monitoring application: "Storing the data on a flash drive makes it easy for us to retrieve it all at the end of the day. The dataTaker gives us a large feature set—it's very cost-effective given all its features."

Built-In Software:

The included dataTaker dEX software is easy to learn and enables quick creation of logging schedules to automate your process. The Windows Explorer-style interface is simple to navigate and configure, getting you started on your project ASAP. Using dEX it's easy to set your datalogging schedules for each sensor, view your process data in real-time mimics, and download data. Review historical data and create tables, charts and graphs. dEX runs directly from a web browser and can be accessed anywhere that a TCP/IP connection is available including worldwide over the Internet. You can use any of the logger's built-in communications ports to view dEX including Ethernet, USB and RS-232.

Datataker loggers can also perform advanced calculation and analysis to find important trends in your data. For example, you can setup your logger to automatically totalize data to get an accurate view of productivity, event counts, volume, energy production/consumption and more.
To see for yourself how easy it is to use dataTaker software, check out this brief video:

Free Technical Support:

CAS DataLoggers is dataTaker's master distributor in North America and our team of Applications Specialists work with these products every day. Unlike most distributors, we can provide you with expert technical support for all our products at no charge. Whether you're new to setting up a data logger or a longtime owner, you can always give us a call to help you get your application up and running in no time.

Unlimited Business Solutions:

We have data loggers from over 16 manufacturers including models to fit any company's budget up to sophisticated DAQ systems that enable the most high-speed application. Make the choice to upgrade from your legacy systems and modernize your process. Save your business valuable time and labor by learning more about our intelligent monitoring technology. Give us a call at (800) 956-4437 today and see for yourself how data loggers can proactively cut your process costs and provide long-term business benefits.

For more information on how a dataTaker data logger can automate your process and help protect your products, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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