Tigerpaw Polls Most Profitable Customers to Develop the Four Pillars of Success

Businesses that Focus on Improving Key Pillars Find Quick and Steady Growth

BELLEVUE, Neb., (September 16, 2010) - Tigerpaw Software, Inc., developer of the most comprehensive business building software for technology providers attributes their clients' achievements to the business philosophy of Tigerpaw's Four Pillars of Success.

Tigerpaw has been working closely with their most successful customers to learn what spurred their growth. These are companies that are among the fastest growing companies in the industry.

"Successful owners and managers don't look at their business in terms of silos, such as quoting, purchasing, service management, etc., and they didn't grow their business in this way. Our customers have taught us that to create a sustainable, successful company requires you to look at your business in terms of four key areas that we call the Pillars of Success," says Tigerpaw President James Foxall. "Unlike other vendors that "dabble" in these areas, Tigerpaw brings complete business automation and best practices to all four pillars, in one software solution."

Tigerpaw has identified the Four Pillars of Success as:

1. Organizing your Business - This is what gets businesses into the Professional Automation Services (PSA) to begin with. It is getting your accounting in order and solidifying a recurring revenue model and keeping clients on your contracts.

2. Optimizing your Customer Experience - This involves automated ticketing processes, offering higher first call resolution rates, surveys, improving response time and everything that goes into keeping your customers happy and loyal.

3. Fueling the Beast - Keeping the cash flowing. You need to generate leads, manage your sales process, and create compelling proposals for your prospects, all while selling deeper to your customer base. It's not just about marketing; it's capturing your contracts before they expire, renewing software subscription licenses, selling battery replacements, and anything else it takes to keep cash flow going.

4. Creating Excellence - As a company grows you need manage processes instead of personalities. By using dashboards and business intelligence to make smarter decisions, you create an excellence in your business for sustained profitability.

"We try to tell our existing customers and prospects that while these pillars are not perfectly linear, they are all closely related. For example, if you're not taking care of the customers you have, a successful marketing campaign getting you more customers won't likely help you," says Foxall.

Tigerpaw strongly advocates focusing on these four areas, and working to make improvement in each category all the time; you should always have at least one progressive improvement item going for each pillar. Tigerpaw will be introducing their Four Pillars of Success methodology at the Tigerpaw User Conference on October 6-8 in Dallas, Texas.

To learn more about Tigerpaw's Pillar of Success approach to business and software, visit www.tigerpawsoftware.com/pillars.

About Tigerpaw

Tigerpaw is the leading provider of business building software designed for technology providers. The award-winning Tigerpaw solution is the most comprehensive suite of tools available to help IT, telephony, security, audio/video, and point of sale businesses create growth. Tigerpaw enables businesses to deliver a higher level of service while achieving greater profitability by managing, automating and integrating service, CRM, inventory, sales, marketing, purchasing, workflow, and accounting. Tigerpaw ensures that sales calls are never forgotten, customer requests don't fall through the cracks, SLAs are met, and technician time is always billed. With Tigerpaw, all of your employees share customer information from a single database, through one powerful application. For over 25 years, Tigerpaw has helped more than 28,000 technology providers increase sales, provide better service, produce bids faster, order and track equipment, manage projects, and bill faster.

For more information, contact Tigerpaw at 800.704.9009; by email at info@tigerpawsoftware.com; or visit www.tigerpawsoftware.com

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