Three-Firm Merger Creates New Environmental Solutions Provider: Atmos Technologies

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania -- The merger of Rusmar, Inc., NCM Odor Control and Crowley Chemical Company brings three long-established, progressive chemical companies under one roof.

The new firm, Atmos Technologies, is a one-of-a-kind, global environmental solutions provider focusing on sustainability, recycling and regulatory compliance across a wide array of markets essential to our communities.

“The original companies, on their own, did not represent who we are as a total company,” Atmos CEO Phil Johnson said. “We wanted to add visibility to the breadth of environmental solutions and technologies we provide to our customers and the community as the new entity we have become.”

Founded in 1986 in West Chester, PA, Rusmar, Inc. specialized in the development of aqueous foam formulations and custom application equipment to enhance regulatory compliance, eliminate VOC emissions and control odors prevalent at solid waste landfills and environmental remediation sites.

NCM Odor Control developed odor neutralization formulations and custom-fabricated application equipment essential to preventing nuisance odors from escaping to surrounding communities. Solutions include stationary, perimeter and mobile systems for odor abatement at the source that are widely utilized across North America at solid waste landfills, transfer stations and environmental remediation sites. The company was founded in 1987 in Brodheadsville, PA.

Crowley Chemical Company celebrated its 100th year in existence in 2020. It was formerly headquartered in New York City. The company’s expertise lies in the production of specialty blended solutions utilized in a wide array of sustainable end products. Markets include renewable tire & rubber applications, a patented 100% recycled asphalt technology and sustainable adhesives. Crowley’s technologies are widely used as extenders, process aids and formulary components to improve performance and processing while lowering costs.

“This merger enhances the breadth and depth of potential solutions for our customers’ real regulatory, compliance and environmental challenges,” Johnson said. “As a one-stop solutions provider, Atmos is the only company in business in North America providing this wide a range of products and services to industries who need them.”

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