Thomas L. Holder Inc Documents Rusmar Inc. Foam Machinery

Rusmar Inc., West Chester, Pennsylvania, supplies chemicals, machinery and services to the solid waste and environmental industries for odor and emission control. Increasing output and diversification required Rusmar to look into increasing their capacity to fabricate their machinery. To do so, they needed a comprehensive set of detail fabrication drawings. They contacted Thomas L. Holder Inc and Mr. Holder presented a comprehensive plan to fully organize and electronically document the existing product line.

Included in the documentation scheme was new Rusmar drawing titleblock formats, drawing numbering standards and a data backup plan. Once the plan was approved, Rusmar had an immediate need to reverse engineer an ongoing new project. Once that was completed TLH Inc proceeded to document Rusmar's NTC-8. The NTC-8 is an 8 gallon per minute portable pneumatic foam unit.

Before moving on to the PFU 400-25, a 25 gpm pneumatic foam unit with a 400 gallon tank mounted on a dual axle trailer, there was an immediate need to build a PFU 800-25. The PFU 800-25 is the exact same unit as the PFU 800-25 except has an 800 gallon tank. The tank, obviously, and the trailer had to be redesigned to satisfy the new 800 gallon specification. The trailer was redesigned to a tri axle and the frame increased to accommodate the additional weight. Using the Mass Properties feature of SolidWorks, Mr. Holder was able to place the center of gravity a specified distance forward of the center of the axles.

After completing the documentation project Mr. Holder continues to supply Rusmar with engineering services.

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