This Holiday Season ControlGuard Offers Free Endpoint Security Assessment software and Service to Help Companies Protect Data in the Wake of Digital Gifts

Bridgewater, N.J., December 4, 2006 - ControlGuard, a leading provider of endpoint security, today announced it is offering software and service free of charge for a limited time to help companies understand and protect against the USB and wireless security threats associated with this holiday season's most popular digital gifts.

Founder and Chief Analyst of Shoreline Research, Tim Scannell warns companies that this holiday season has the potential to spread more than cheer.

"Digital cameras, iPods, PDAs and other devices are predicted to be enormously popular gifts this year," said Scannell. "But, because these devices can plug into a corporate network, companies must understand the security risk they pose. Anyone with a personal device that connects to a PC or laptop through a USB port or wireless interface can intentionally or inadvertently walk away with proprietary data or infect a network with a virus in a matter of seconds. So, protection against their misuse is mandatory."

To help businesses cope, ControlGuard, maker of endpoint security software that protects companies from losing data and becoming infected by external devices, is offering its vulnerability assessment utility, Endpoint Scanner, and its Holiday Help Line consultation service for free now through January 31, 2007.

Endpoint Scanner, searches the network to identify portable devices and removable media connected to endpoints. It takes a snapshot and reports exactly what devices are being used in the organization and by whom. This software is an essential tool in evaluating risk and identifying a proper endpoint security solution strategy.

The Holiday Help Line was created to handle the increased call volume throughout the holiday season. ControlGuard's team of experts is available to consult and offer solutions to mitigate the risks associated with unmanaged use of portable devices and removable media.

"Advancements in cell phones, and storage drives make them easier to use and more attractive to consumers every day. But without proper protection, the gift of the gadget may be the curse of the corporation," said David Raanan, chief marketing officer and general manager of ControlGuard. "Because these seemingly innocent devices have hurt so many businesses already, our goal is to help prevent future security problems by raising awareness and offering our assistance during this critical time."

The Endpoint Scanner is available through the Holiday Help Line by calling 1-908-203-4685 or at

About ControlGuard
ControlGuard is a leading provider of enterprise-grade security solutions that protect, manage and secure enterprises from endpoint vulnerabilities like information leakage and data theft. The company's flagship product, Endpoint Access Manager, manages the secure use of removable media and portable devices. ControlGuard works with market leaders in the financial services, legal, healthcare and government sectors. The company can be found on the Web at and reached by telephone at 908-203-4685.

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