Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New Integrated ELN and CDS Solution for Symyx Notebook Using Atlas CDS

Delivering Unparalleled Efficiency Enhancements

PHILADELPHIA - Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the availability of a new Thermo Scientific Atlas Chromatography Data System (CDS) integration solution for Symyx Technologies' electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). Thermo Fisher Scientific has collaborated with Symyx to develop a solution that allows integration with Symyx's Notebook using the globally-deployed Atlas CDS(TM), providing scientists with a completely automated and integrated laboratory workflow.

Award-winning Atlas CDS provides chromatographers with a client/server chromatography-based software solution for controlling multi-vendor instruments, providing integrated digital data acquisition, processing and reporting. Seamless integration and automated transfer of information between Atlas and the Symyx Notebook is now possible as a result of this partnership, providing a streamlined, compliant workflow for users.

The integration of Atlas CDS and Symyx Notebook allows users to drive their laboratory business processes from an integrated solution, eliminating repetitious entry of information and providing live interaction of chromatography data within Notebook and, ultimately, increasing throughput. Users can design and drive chromatography experiments within the ELN and Atlas interface, providing Atlas customers with the ability to expand the capabilities of their existing CDS investment, connecting sample preparation data with chromatography. This gives users the ability to access data directly from a multitude of disparate CDS instruments through one interface. In addition the solution facilitates analytical method development and allows users to streamline chromatographic analysis across their organization.

The ELN and CDS integration provides direct instrument data access across the enterprise, providing global access to project data and experiments. The new integration solution from Thermo Fisher Scientific offers chromatography users the ability to manage methods (dilutions, weightings, sequence generation) and chromatography acquisitions from a single interface and provides the ability to search for information across the enterprise. This integrated system will allow analysts to perform their responsibilities without the interruption of independent information systems, thus increasing analyst productivity and reducing user entry errors into data management systems.

With the integration solution, users only need to enter sample information once, which eliminates managing sample lists in text or Excel files and allows users to easily insert standards and check injections into LC injection sequence. The solution reduces and eliminates reliance on manual steps to manipulate and transform data into accepted formatting for data systems. The integrated solution allows users to document the preparation of method mobile phase, reagents and standards as it occurs on the laboratory - there are no extra steps (or costs) needed to print, tape or store. The solution allows users to integrate laboratory data as Symyx Notebook provides tables to merge data from multiple instruments, including balances, pH meters and the Atlas CDS. Additional calculations, graphing and data summaries can be included into the experimental record allowing immediate feedback on results and experiment outcomes.

"This solution benefits the market by providing a truly integrated solution," explains Dave Champagne, vice president and general manager, Informatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "By integrating Symyx Notebook with Atlas CDS, we provide an integrated LIMS-CDS-ELN solution. This enables both an efficient laboratory process and the flow of information from the laboratory to the rest of the organization, allowing management to have the information they need to drive critical business objectives."

"The ability to push sample information and methods from Symyx Notebook to the Thermo Scientific Atlas CDS and then pull the data from Atlas back into the notebook is critical in today's convergent lab environment," said Dr. Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx's software business unit. "Integrating Symyx Notebook with systems like Atlas optimizes the flow of information and other processes, enabling scientists to move projects from research through development to production more quickly and cost-effectively."

Thermo Scientific Atlas CDS provides a highly scalable client/server environment for laboratory LAN and WAN networks in pharmaceutical drug development, discovery, QA/QC laboratories, academia and the food and beverage industries. Designed as a multi-user, multi-instrument data system, it enables remote network access to many instruments so that its data can be fully collected, secured and protected - enabling organisations to make more informed decisions faster. In addition, Atlas provides seamless integration of results with enterprise-wide laboratory informatics management systems applications including the full range of Thermo Scientific LIMS: Darwin, SampleManager, Nautilus and Watson. The integration of Symyx Notebook with Atlas CDS provides a laboratory solution that will increase laboratory and organizational efficiency.

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