Thermo Announces Canadian Standards Association Approval for Pro-Line Conveyor Safety Switches

Thermo Electron announced it has received Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval for the redesigned NEMA-4X versions of its Pro-Line conveyor safety switches.

Minneapolis, MN - October 31, 2006 - Thermo Electron, an industry leading producer of analytical and process instrumentation, today announced it has received Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval for the redesigned NEMA-4X versions of its Pro-Line conveyor safety switches. The approval, which is the industry's first for explosion-proof conveyor safety switches, includes Thermo's Ramsey Belt Misalignment Switch, Ramsey Safety Pull Switch and Ramsey Tripper Position Switch.

"At Thermo, we're committed to addressing our customers' safety needs, and we're proud to be the first producer to receive CSA Approval for hazardous locations. We've worked hard on the NEMA-4X redesign of the Pro-Line switches to ensure that the robust and rugged safety switches remain exceptionally durable in harsh and corrosive environments," said Paula Frisk, product manager, Bulk Weighing and Monitoring Solutions at Thermo. "The CSA approval offers our customers a sense of security - they can continue to count on Thermo for safe, high-quality products."

Thermo's Pro-Line conveyor safety switches are designed to monitor conveyors, equipment and processes, prevent accidents, protect equipment and reduce unscheduled shutdowns. When combined, these capabilities enable users to maintain the highest levels of production and profit. The following Thermo products received CSA approval:

- Ramsey Belt Misalignment Switch; This switch is used to monitor the position and tracking of conveyor belts. The misalignment switch is mounted on the conveyor structure and causes an alarm to sound if the conveyor belt drifts out of alignment.

- Ramsey Safety Cable Pull Switch; This switch is used as an emergency shutdown device for conveyors and other equipment. The safety cable pull switch is attached to safety pull cables, which causes a shutdown and signals an alarm when force is applied.

- Ramsey Tripper Position Switch; This switch is used to indicate the position of a tripper on a conveyor with multiple discharge points. The tripper position switch provides users with position or alarm signals and can also be used anywhere an extremely heavy duty limit switch is required.

The CSA is a not-for-profit, membership-based association serving business, industry, government and consumers in Canada and the global marketplace. The solutions-oriented organization works in Canada and around the world to develop standards that address real needs, such as enhancing public safety and health, advancing the quality of life, preserving the environment and facilitating trade.

For more information on Thermo's Pro-Line conveyor protection switches, please visit, Conveyor Safety Products.

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