Thermal Product Solutions Ships Gruenberg Bench Oven to the Moveable Machinery Industry

New Columbia, PA – July 17, 2018: Thermal Product Solutions (TPS), a global manufacturer of thermal-processing equipment, announced the shipment of a custom Gruenberg bench oven to the movable machinery industry. The bench oven is rated for Class B operation per the NFPA 86 specifications.

This bench oven will be used in the customer’s testing and product development department to process various mechanical apparatuses affixed to a Ling Dynamic Electronic Shaker. The maximum temperature rating of this Class B oven is 550°C (1022°F) and the work chamber dimensions are 36” W x 36” D x 36” H. This Gruenberg custom bench oven is constructed from a structural steel frame that supports the fully welded 304L stainless steel chamber liner and the exterior sheet metal. All interconnecting struts are non-continuous which keeps the exterior cool.

This Gruenberg custom bench oven features one belt driven circulation fan in a conditioning plenum chamber in the rear of the oven. This fan directs air through a diffusor panels on both sides of the work chamber and flows horizontally across the product. The air exits the work chamber on the rear wall back to the heaters for reheating and recirculation.

“Our design team customized this bench oven to accommodate the customer’s equipment through an opening in the oven bottom. At TPS, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize equipment to meet our customers’ requirements.” ~ Denny Mendler, Gruenberg Product Manager

Unique features of this Gruenberg Cabinet oven include:

• Single set-point temperature controller

• High limit controller to prevent over heating

• SCR power control

• Door switch

• Bearing cooling blower

• 34” x 34” opening in oven bottom to accommodate the Ling Dynamic Shaker

• Compound horizontal airflow to maximize heating rates

About Gruenberg

Gruenberg, a division of Thermal Product Solutions, LLC, is recognized as a leader in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive line of standard and custom industrial batch and conveyor ovens that accommodate temperatures up to 1200⁰F. Gruenberg products are known for their durability, innovation, and superior performance. Additional products offered by Gruenberg include custom pharmaceutical ovens, depyrogenation ovens, granulation dryers, pharmaceutical sterilizers, and lab animal science sterilizers.

About TPS

Thermal Product Solutions (“TPS”), is a leading American manufacturer of industrial ovens, furnaces, pharmaceutical sterilizers, and environmental temperature cycling and stability test chambers. TPS is a global leader in thermal processing products and test solutions with brands including Baker Furnace, Blue M, Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg, Lunaire, MPH, and Wisconsin Oven. For more information on equipment solutions from TPS visit the website at

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