Thermal Pins

Form Cut is an innovative and recognized industry leader in the manufacturing of terminal pins for the electronics industry. Today, Form Cut creates products used in a variety of components - from plastic molded plastic inserts and cold-headed parts to hinge pins and hermetic seals - for consumer products as well as automotive, aerospace and medical applications.

Vast raw material and precision tooling resources and more than 50 years of experience have helped to make Form Cut a preferred provider for high-quality, low-cost formed wire products to companies such as Motorola, Texas Instruments, AMP, Philips, Hewlett-Packard, Varian, AT&T, Raytheon and Allied/Signal.

Since 1961, when Form Cut Industries was founded by Charles M. Alberto, Jr., they have grown into an internationally known manufacturer of small metal parts for applications in a variety of industries, including: Automotive; Computers; Medical; Semiconductors; Electronics; Telecommunications; Military; Aerospace; Consumer Products; Recreation and much more.

Form Cut's 35,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is home to more than 200 production machines, in-house precision tooling capability and employees experienced in creating wire forms to the strictest standards of quality and precision.

Form Cut's in-house resources and adherence to strict quality control measures enable us to provide: on-time delivery, often within two weeks; cost-effective pricing and quotes within 24 hours.

Form Cut works with virtually all formable metals in a variety of sizes: Round Wire: 0.003" to 0.187" diameter; Square/Rectangular Wire: 0.003" to 0.125" thick by 0.020" to 2" wide and Lengths: 0.02" to 10 feet.

197 Mt. Pleasant Ave.

Newark, NJ 07104 USA

PHONE: (973) 483-5154

FAX: (973) 483-4512


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