Thermal Dynamics Announces New XTR Robotic Torch

St. Louis, MO (February 3, 2009) - Thermal Dynamics, the leading producer of manual and automated plasma cutting systems, is pleased to announce the introduction of the new XTR Robotic Torch from Thermal Dynamics.

This torch is specifically designed for use with the Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 100/200/300 precision plasma cutting systems for robotic and bevel cutting applications.

The sleek profile design allows for excellent accessibility and visibility. At 9.3-inches (236mm), the XTR Torch has one of the slimmest profiles available on the market today. This, combined with reduced weight, overall diameter, and minimum bend radius of the torch leads, makes the XTR extremely durable in applications calling for repeated articulated motion.

The XTR Torch also comes standard with:

o Profile Cutting Consumables - contoured to allow for improved accessibility and visibility in robotic and beveling applications
o Graduated scale on torch body to help position clamping device consistently
o Teach/Position Tool - provides positioning aid during setup
o Ultra Light, Flexible, Robust Torch Leads
o Self-Centering torch components to maintain precise alignment.

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