The Precision Rough Mill from TigerStop

New Products Combine to Produce First grade Parts from Second Grade Lumber

Vancouver, WA – With the introduction of its optimizing ripping machine, TigerRip 1000, TigerStop is pleased to announce the Precision Rough Mill, the new, flexible work cell that results from combining TigerRip 1000 with TigerSaw 1000, the optimizing cross cutting machine. Small to medium sized shops can now produce finish quality parts and achieve maximum material yield and productivity by ripping only what is needed, when it's needed and by then only crosscutting the parts that are required to fill existing orders.

Additional benefits include:

Elimination of material the shop hopes to run "on that next job."

Identification of each component as it's processed. No more counting.

TigerStop products generally pay for themselves within the first year of operation.

Most shops either buy their material pre-ripped, at a costly premium, or rely on an in-house sawyer to manually rip their own material. Both of these options involve extra, unnecessary costs and in the latter case, a lower than maximum material yield. These same shops also typically incorporate a manual process for material defecting, which is expensive and inherently inefficient, and use manual stops for cross cutting, which is time consuming and questionable in terms of accuracy. The TigerRip 1000, combined with the TigerSaw 1000, create the Precision Rough Mill, helping small to medium shops produce finish quality parts, lower their material costs, increase their yield, and adopt a true, just-in-time, lean manufacturing solution.

The Precision Rough Mill – components:

TigerRip 1000, available in late Fall/early Winter 2014, performs material optimization and rip saw automation functions usually only attributed to larger systems, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, enabling small to medium-sized shops to afford large shop performance and efficiency. Through Dynamic Optimization™ of random width lumber, TigerRip 1000 automates ripping and provides shops with unsurpassed material yield - from a lower grade of wood - vastly increasing performance efficiency and lowering material costs. It also has the ability to track cut list progress and provide ink-jet labeling on each strip. TigerRip 1000 was designed and built as a fully-integrated rip system which includes a material handling solution and proprietary software technology.

TigerSaw 1000, available now, is a fully automated and integrated cross-cutting solution with a crayon defect marking push feed system. It features a heavy-duty build, rugged construction, 18" saw with a best-in-class cutting envelope paired with an accurate, powerful pusher system that ensures finished-part cut quality. It incorporates fast, precise, automated lineal cutting software, Dynamic Optimization™, and includes crayon marking of defects for maximum material yield. TigerSaw 1000 performs cross cutting automation and material optimization functions usually only attributed to larger systems, which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, enabling small to medium-sized shops to afford large shop performance and efficiency.

IWF Show attendees can see the Precision Rough Mill in the TigerStop Booth #5747

TigerStop was founded in 1994 by Spencer Dick, who as the owner of a thriving manufacturing business, became frustrated with the inherent inefficiencies of his machine operators stopping to reset and recalibrate whenever they were cutting material to various lengths. Spencer also noticed that regardless of how carefully material was measured, the end results were always of slightly different dimensions. He founded TigerStop to automate the cutting process so that exact and accurate parts, whether wood, metal or plastic, would result each and every time.

About TigerStop

TigerStop, LLC is a global leader in automated stop/gauge and pusher systems under the TigerStop and SawGear brand names. Headquartered in Washington State, TigerStop is a U.S. manufacturer of products for the cabinet, furniture, construction, fenestration, electronics, plastics and metalworking industries. TigerStop has a second manufacturing and distribution facility in Wierden, Netherlands, a distribution network spanning six continents, and product support in five languages. TigerStop products easily integrate with existing equipment to help optimize and improve the accuracy of all lineal cutting processes. To view videos and testimonials or to request a quote, please visit or phone 360-254-0661.

Contact: Lorilee Torrey

Phone: (541) 552-1133


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